Protection of wind turbines

Lightning and surge protection for wind turbines is paramount since these structures are especially vulnerable to lightning strikes due to their height and exposed location.

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The new intelligent type 2 surge arrester with Lifetime Indication is an ideal protection solution for all installations which require maximum reliability and availability.

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NEW: Inspection for EaS devices

Condition of portable EaS devices

New method, which provides information on the condition of portable earthing and short-circuiting devices based on a measurement of the ohmic resistance.

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Double8: sponsored by DEHN

Double8 Expedition

Two 8,000ers (Shisha Pangma and Cho Oyu) in 7 days without supplemental oxygen i.e. 240 kilometer (149 miles) distance and 6,500 meter (21,325 feet) cumulative gain.

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Protection of safety and security systems

Safety lightning systems

Fire protection, burglary protection as well as emergency and escape route lighting: Electric safety systems must work reliably even during a thunderstorm.

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NEW: DEHNguard® M PV2 SCI 1000 FM

DEHNguard® M PV2 SCI 1000 FM

Proven SCI technology: The type 2 surge arrester for PV systems protects two MPP trackers (Maximum Power Point Trackers) by means of a single device!

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NEW: 200 kA clamps for LPL I and II

200 kA clamps

If the requirements are higher: The new and unique connecting clamps with a lightning current carrying capability of 200 kA (10/350 µs) withstand maximum loads.

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