NEW: Inspection for EaS devices

Condition of portable EaS devices

New method, which provides information on the condition of portable earthing and short-circuiting devices based on a measurement of the ohmic resistance.

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New products

DEHN products

Here you will find information on new surge protection (power supply and IT systems), lightning protection/earthing and safety equipment products.

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EaS configurator

Online configurator

The new earthing and short-circuiting configurator allows easy, quick and safe online configuration of your earthing and short-circuiting device.


In the following you will find some learning tools which can be applied directly on the PC. Please note the system requirements (PC, sound card and loudspeaker).

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NEW: DEHNguard® M PV2 SCI 1000 FM

DEHNguard® M PV2 SCI 1000 FM

Proven SCI technology: The type 2 surge arrester for PV systems protects two MPP trackers (Maximum Power Point Trackers) by means of a single device!

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NEW: 200 kA clamps for LPL I and II

200 kA clamps

If the requirements are higher: The new and unique connecting clamps with a lightning current carrying capability of 200 kA (10/350 µs) withstand maximum loads.

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Trade fairs, congresses and events

Trade fairs

Trade fairs, congresses and events are important platforms for customer and business partner communications. We are always at your service with advice and action.

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Lightning - fascinating but dangerous

Lightning - fascinating but dangerous due to the risk of fire and surges. Persons, buildings, systems as well as electric and electronic devices must be protected.

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