The new intelligent type 2 surge arrester with Lifetime Indication is an ideal protection solution for all installations which require maximum reliability and availability.

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NEW: Telescopic test joint box

Telescopic test joint box

The telescopic test joint box is specifically designed for the integration in thermal insulation composite systems. It can easily be adjusted to different insulating materials.

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Information material

Videos, brochures, catalogues, sales aids, white papers, selection guides, technical articles and other documents are available for download. Printed copies are available on request.

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NEW: DEHNguard® M PV2 SCI 1000 FM

DEHNguard® M PV2 SCI 1000 FM

Proven SCI technology: The type 2 surge arrester for PV systems protects two MPP trackers (Maximum Power Point Trackers) by means of a single device!

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New products

DEHN products

Here you will find up-to-date information on new surge protection (power supply and information technology systems), lightning protection/earthing and safety equipment products.

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DEHN protects production facilities

Production facilities

Industrial automation is standard in many companies. Loss of production capacities by lightning strikes and surges results in enormous costs. Therefore, production facilities must be protected.

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