DC Safety technology

Direct Current Disconnection (DCD)

DCDWhen using surge arresters in d.c. applications, disconnection must be reliably ensured in the event of a fault even if there are no zero crossings. The d.c. switching device DCD, which ensures that the protective device is safely disconnected in case of overload, is specifically designed for this field of application.

In this process, the specifically developed DC Disconnection Technology acts as a wedge similar to a blocking valve and interrupts the direct current. The devices of the DEHNguard® SE DC product family are capable of reliably interrupting direct currents, thus safely preventing fire damage caused by d.c. switching arcs. Consequently, the arresters provide protection over the entire lifecycle of an electrical installation.

The DEHNguard® SE DC surge arrester can be used without additional backup fuse for direct currents up to 300 A. The mechanical operating state / fault indication and the optional remote signalling contact round off the functionality of the device with a modern design of 1.5 modules.