DEHN at sps ipc drives 2013

DEHN at sps ipc drivesFrom 26 to 28 November 2013, the international surge protection, lightning protection and safety equipment expert DEHN will showcase its broad portfolio at Europe‘s leading trade show for electrical automation in Nuremberg (hall 10, booth 220). The protection of individual components, complete systems and integrated automation solutions will be presented based on practical applications for different industries.

BLITZDUCTOR® SP, a powerful surge arrester which increases safety in data technology, information technology as well as measuring and control systems,
is a new product from DEHN. This pluggable multi-pole surge arrester is designed for different voltage ranges. Two universal base parts (with or without signal isolation) are optionally available. Thanks to its modular arrester concept, all protection modules of the BLITZDUCTOR® SP series can be easily and quickly plugged into the base part. In addition, the universal base parts optimise storage costs and enable easy prewiring and maintenance. The DIN rail mounted device with a width of only
12 mm allows to protect up to four signal cores. The surge arrester has a high discharge capacity up to 20 kA (8/20 µs) as well as a low voltage protection level and can thus be installed in conformity with the lightning protection zone concept at the boundaries from 0B - 2 and higher.

The DEHNvenCI combined arrester which can be used without backup fuse at the place of installation up to a prospective short-circuit current 100 kArms ensures system availability, fulfils the protection requirements of modern switchgear installations and takes up very little space. This arrester with a discharge capacity of 25 kA (10/350 µs) in a single pole combines the features of the proven DEHNventil® product family and that of a lightning current carrying arrester backup fuse. Thanks to its discharge capacity, DEHNvenCI can be used for all classes of LPS (Lightning Protection System). This modern surge protective device is energy coordinated and thus capable of protecting terminal equipment in switchgear installations.

DEHN will also showcase the DEHNguard® M ..CI surge protective device with integrated arrester backup fuse from the DEHNguard® series. The protection module of this universal type 2 surge arrester houses the actual surge protection components as well as an arrester backup fuse. Thus, uninterrupted supply is easily ensured for the surge protective device in a practice-oriented and space-saving way. Therefore, DEHNguard® M ..CI is an ideal and compact device with a single module per path which ensures surge and short-circuit protection.

Pipe clamps from DEHN that can be easily installed in hazardous locations avoid an ignition hazard due to lightning strikes. They are capable of discharging lightning currents up to 50 kA in Ex zones 1 and 2 as well as 21 and 22 without sparking. Different connection options (e.g. cable lugs, flat strips) allow flexible use, thus eliminating the need for welding or drilling work. This considerable reduces installation time and installations or parts of installations no longer have to be put out of operation when installing the pipe clamp.




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