DEHN Trade Fair News on Husum Wind 2017

HUSUM Wind is the meeting point for anyone looking for innovative solutions in the wind industry.
DEHN protects® is our motto and at booth 1A03 in hall 1 you will find detailed information on the topics:

  • Maintenance and inspection services
  • High performance arresters for wind power plants
  • Comprehensive lighting protection and earthing concept


The new lightning current measuring system which reliably detects lightning events with the aim of avoiding expensive maintenance work and long down times. DEHNdetect registers BOTH impulse AND long stroke currents and keeps you up-to-date, if you prefer, via push messages directly to your smartphone or tablet.

DEHNguard® SE H 1000 VA FM

This type 2 surge arrester secures systems with operational voltage peaks of up to 2.2 kV. Ideal for protecting DFI (Double Fed Induction) generators. Designed with a width of just 4.5 DIN modules, you also save space on your DIN rail!

Combined arrester DEHNvario

Combined arresters with variable enclosure designs offer enormous flexibility in terms of installation space and connection technology. This provides you with a wide range of options when putting together customer-specific protective solutions.

  • DEHNvario protects public address systems from the effects of lightning and surges.
  • DEHNvario 3+1 for analogue camera systems. This complete solution protects 3 interfaces with just one device.

DEHNbloc® Maxi 1 CI 440/760

Coordinated lightning current arrester with integrated backup fuse for nominal currents of up to 400/690 V. Requires up to 60% less space in the switchgear cabinet! Reduces the amount of time and money spent on installation.

Maxi MV Clamp

Maxi MV clamp with tear-off screw: simple and secure – save time on the building site. No more welding! The Maxi MV clamp makes life a lot easier. All you need for secure installation is a conventional wrench. The head of the screw simply tears off when the pre-defined clamping force is reached- that’s it!