DEHNguard PCB – Always ready for the right surge protection

The new range of printed circuit board bases for the DEHNguard product family opens up a variety of new possibilities for protecting power electronic devices against surges. Since the bases are directly positioned on the PCB, manual wiring required for DIN rail mounted devices of this class is not necessary. Surge protection is ensured at any time by simply plugging the relevant protection modules in the base part. This allows to handle lightning currents up to 40 kA (8/20).

Higher functionality at reduced costs is a requirement that is frequently placed on developers of power electronics. This is particularly the case, if the products should be internationally accepted. The lightning frequency and system qualities differ from region to region, making it even more difficult to install surge protective devices. The printed circuit board bases of type DEHNguard PCB (FM) are an ideal solution since the connection for the surge protective device is integrated in the PCBs of the devices. The efficient protective circuit that is directly situated on the PCB after the relevant protection module has been plugged in complies with the standard for surge protective devices. This is not possible to the same extent if a PCB is equipped with standard protection components such as varistors and gas discharge tubes.

By combining the bases, a variety of circuits can be realised. Thus, application-specific and customised protection is provided in combination with the protection modules. Bases are available for different system voltages for direct or alternating currents.

The cost-effective base elements, which are optionally available with remote signalling contact, considerably reduce costs for protecting electronic components against surges. The modules of the DEHNguard family required for the actual protection can be tailored to customer needs, be it pre-mounted or as accessory. The pre-mounted base and the easy plug-in mechanism of the protection modules allow to easily retrofit modules at any time.

Manufacturers of inverters, for example, use this new concept to meet the enormous cost pressure in the industry. They use theses coded bases both on the d.c. and a.c. side of the PCBs of the devices. Besides, this integrated protection solution is ideally suited for a variety of other fields of application. Thus, the installation of surge protective devices becomes easier, faster and safer.


Figure: DEHN protects power electronics by means of TYPE 2 DEHNguard PCB (FM) surge protective devices

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