Recall of Screw-in Earthing Insert

Recall März 2018

As a precautionary user protection measure, we are recalling the following screw-in earthing inserts (purchased between 01 June 2012 and 31 December 2017, thread length 20 mm):

1.    Screw-in earthing insert ESE E33 TI M10 with the Part No. 745 202
2.    Earthing and short-circuiting devices (partly insulated) for low-voltage cable distribution cabinets kit II in sheet steel case Part No. 745 500, because it contains the screw-in earthing insert as an individual component.

Products by which the plastic has a thread length between 15 mm and 18 mm are not affected by this recall!

DEHN urgently recommends:
Do not continue to sell or use the products concerned.  Report your existing stock to DEHN by e-mail using the recall form.
As resellers, please also inform those of your customers who are affected and request them to contact DEHN. If you provide us with the contact information for the customers affected, we will contact them directly. We need your support to help us reach all the customers who have purchased these products.
The safety of the customer holds top priority at DEHN. We are making every effort to process this matter as smoothly as possible for you. We therefore assume that you, as our valued and trusted customer/partner, will take the necessary steps to help us settle this matter quickly.
Two forms (individual components or kit) are available for exchanging the products. Please send the faulty product with the appropriate form to the address below. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be more than happy to help. Replacement does not entail any costs for you.

We apologise for any inconvenience. Safety and responsibility are our top priority.

Contact person:

Sina Ortel
Phone: 09181 906-1297
Fax.: 09181 906-551297

Evidence: Recall of Screw-in Earthing Insert
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92360 Mühlhausen Germany