Wave breaker function

WBFWith DEHN spark gap technology inside

Energy coordination of surge protective devices (SPDs) considerably varies depending on the technical design of the type 1 arrester. Experience has shown that even small amplitudes of the 10/350 μs lightning impulse current overload downstream SPDs or even destroy them if varistor-based type 1 lightning current arresters are used.

In case of spark-gap-based type 1 arresters, in contrast, virtually the total current flows through the lightning current arrester during the discharge process. Similar to a wave breaker the energy is reduced to a sufficiently low level, thus considerably relieving downstream surge arresters.

Wavebreaker Technology

Our spark-gap-based type 1 arresters of the Red/Line® family feature this wave breaker function. Moreover, all devices of the Red/Line® product series are energy-coordinated.