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ISO 9001:2015 certified Quality Management System

All DEHN, Inc. operations are governed by our ISO 9001:2015 certified quality management system and integrated in our world-wide DEHNgroup management system.

More than satisfying certification requests we increase customer satisfaction plus safety by not only accurate but calibrated measurement devices, controlling non-conformities, learning from errors and eliminating their recurrence. Furthermore documented processes ensure uniform training and correct repetitive execution. For more information please observe our quality policy or feel free to contact us.



Quality Policy

Reliable quality – your protection.

All employees are responsible for quality and results delivered.
We develop necessary qualifications and work environments together continuously. In this way, every employee will continue to acknowledge their own responsibility and continue to ensure best performance. Therefore, an essential principle is the continuous documentation of our knowledge. Our executives show and exemplify our quality strategy actively.


For us, quality is to fulfill all customer requirements.
To know those exactly, we define them in dialogue. We understand all receivers of our services as customers, including colleagues and other departments. Also, we coordinate our requirements in cooperation with vendors.


By robust design, flawless parts and processes in control, we provide perfect quality.
We continuously work on the improvement of all products, services and processes. To us, the methodical avoidance of errors takes precedence over their sole resolve. Avoidance improves the process and reduces the resource requirements, whereas inspection and detection can only prevent the distribution of nonconforming units.

We recognize errors encountered and their impact, nevertheless. We see it as an opportunity to identify vulnerabilities and to fix the root-causes cross-departmental promptly and permanently. We apply successful solutions to other areas.


We make the quality of our services and products measurable.
As a result, we align our customer-oriented management system to international standards, successfully and sustainably.


Have you got any questions? Contact us.


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