Customised lightning protection/earthing products

We also manufacture customised products – easily, quickly and at low costs

In addition to our broad lightning protection/earthing portfolio, we also offer numerous customised products.


  • Air-termination rods with special lengths or for higher wind loads
  • Components for increased corrosion requirements
  • Clamps and holders for different cross-sections
  • Equipotential bonding bars with more terminals or for higher short-circuit currents
  • Different accessories (e.g. hammer inserts for earth rods)

Enquiry for customised products

Enquiry for customised products

To be able to efficiently process your enquiries for customised products, the following information is required:

  • Detailed description of the desired product with reference to our standard product and description of the desired change
  • Description of requirements (e.g. wind load)
  • Quantity and desired delivery date
  • Contact data
  • Date, signature

Please use the form for customised lightning protection/earthing products for your enquiry:

Within three working days, you will receive the following information:

  • Feasibility of the customised product
  • Questions concerning technical aspects, if any 
  • Prices and scheduled delivery date


The following prerequisites must be fulfilled to be able to manufacture customised products:

  • Reasonable technical warranty for DEHN
  • No mechanical, electrical tests or approvals may be required. The relevant documents are not prepared for customised products.
  • Reasonable production or procurement effort
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