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DASD Abgrenzeinheit - schützt Pipelines und Mitarbeiter
DEHN protects pipelines

Decoupler DASD: Robust and powerful

Protect employees, limit overvoltages, prevent AC corrosion

The decoupler DASD provides protection against transient, temporary and long-duration overvoltages.
This means:

  • Protection against impermissibly high touch voltages for people working on the pipeline
  • Protection for systems and components
  • Protection against AC corrosion 

This has the advantage that the desired cathodic protection potential (DC potential) of the pipeline is not negatively affected.

DASD - DEHN Advanced Solid State Decoupler

Interference voltages - A common problem

They lead to AC corrosion across the pipeline and to personal injury and material damage.

  • DEHN schützt Pipelines
  • DASD Abgrenzeinheit schützt Pipelines und Mitarbeiter

Examples of sources of interference:

  • Stray currents - These are caused by electric railways and are injected into the pipeline via the ground. Corrosion damage occurs which changes the potential of the pipeline.
  • Electromagnetic fields - High-voltage lines generate electromagnetic fields which are injected into the pipelines which run in parallel. The undesirable consequences are alternating current corrosion (AC corrosion) and high touch voltages.
  • Potential gradient areas in the ground - These are caused by earth faults and lightning strikes. High overvoltages can travel throughout the entire pipeline network if such a potential gradient area affects the pipeline.

The solution

DASD allows you to limit long-duration AC voltages to safe values. The cathodic protection potential across the pipeline (DC potential) is not affected.


Safety for your employees

In case of failure of the DASD, the device enters a fail-safe state – People working on the pipeline are still protected against touch voltages.

Applicable anywhere

DASD is independent of an external power supply. The decoupler can therefore be used anywhere - even in places where, depending on the situation, there is a particularly high risk of interference voltages, potential changes or stray currents.


1 IP68 housing - Water- and dustproof, for outdoor installation

2 Integrated test socket - For easy functional testing of the decoupler

3 High discharge capacity - Transient 100 kA, temporary 3.7 kA, long-duration 45 A

4 Clearly marked - No danger of confusing the pipeline and earth connection

5 Fail-safe failure mode - Safe state in case of overload

Flexibly installed

Whether on the outside of a wall, on a mast or in an underground system - DASD always fits.

Compact, in a dustproof and waterproof IP 68 enclosure, the decoupling device can be installed above or below ground. It shows its strengths especially in rough, inhospitable environments.

  • DASD Abgrenzeinheit Unterflurmontage
    1 - Underground installation
  • DASD Abgrenzeinheit - Wandmontage
    2 - Wall mounting
  • DASD Abgrenzeinheit - Mastmontage
    3 - Mast mounting

Various installation options for the DASD decoupling device:

1 - Underground installation

2 - Wall mounting

3 - Mast mounting

Fields of application

Typical fields of application

  • Cathodic protection systems, e.g. pipelines or storage tanks
  • Indirect earthing of cable shields in accessible places
  • Corrosion-free interconnection of separate earth-termination systems, e.g. operating earth and signal ground.

Protection goals at a glance

  • Mastering interference voltages
  • Prevention of AC corrosion
  • Protection of pipelines and people


Decoupler DASD
CE-compliant protection solution.
Manufacturer-tested and CE-certified.

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