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DEHNcombo schützt PV-Anlagen
DEHN protects photovoltaic systems


Protect your PV system from lightning and surge damage

DEHNcombo YPV - a varistor-based type 1 + type 2 combined arrester - protects the DC side of the inverter, combiner box or PV modules.

Particularly interesting: This arrester is universally applicable, meaning that it can be used for applications ranging from small rooftop to multi-megawatt systems.


Protection concept for rooftop and free field systems

Rooftop and free field systems should be protected from direct lightning strikes and transient overvoltages with the help of a comprehensive protection concept consisting of external and internal lightning protection.

DEHNcombo YPV is suitable for earthed (earthing of DC+ or DC-) and floating systems and can be used up to 10 kA without additional backup fuse. The arrester is available for system voltages UCPV ≤ 1200 V and ≤ 1500 V, thus ensuring effective protection of terminal devices.

DEHNcombo YPV product info

  • Prewired type 1 + type 2 combined arrester
  • Can be used up to 10 kA without additional backup fuse
  • Same rated voltage for all modes of protection and thus also suitable for use in earthed systems
  • Narrow width of only 4 standard DIN modules
  • Safe to touch, without an additional cover
  • Operating state / fault indication via indicator flag in the inspection window
  • Optional remote signalling contact for monitoring device
  • Can be used in PV systems in accordance with IEC 60364-7-712

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