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DEHNmonitor PQ - Visualisierung der Messdaten im Niederspannungsnetz
DEHNrecord SD

Clever. Standard-compliant. Multifunctional.

DEHNrecord Smart Device (SD) is the multifunctional measuring and analysis device for monitoring power quality in low-voltage systems. This allows tendencies and problems to be identified at an early stage to prevent damage and disruptions in the long term. Standard-compliant according to EN 50160.

Measure, test, monitor – with DEHNrecord SD


  • Power quality measurement according to EN 61000-4-30, class A
  • Event messages in the event of limit value violations as per EN 50160 and individually defined limit values 
  • Measurement of power-frequency overvoltages as per EN 50550 as well as undervoltages
  • Load profile and power measurement
  • Impulse current measurement up to 100kA with external sensor (8/20 µs & 10/350 µs)
  • Flexible communication links via RJ45 Ethernet interface (Modbus TCP/IP protocol AND MQTT 3.1)
  • Efficient data handling based on edge computing
  • Integrated freely parameterisable digital inputs and outputs 
  • Installation benefits thanks to adaption to lightning current and surge arresters by means of a busbar

Detect faults and errors early with DEHNrecord SD

With the DEHNrecord SD measuring and analysis device, the measurement of all relevant parameters is very easy. Commonly applied standards are complied with.



1 - 230 V AC or 24 V DC power supply; through adaption using phase rail to SPDs, no separate wiring or backup fuse required

2 - LED status indication

3 - RJ45 Ethernet interface with Modbus TCP/IP and MQTT 3.1 protocol for a flexible communications link

4 - Web-based parameterisation

5 - Compact housing with five standard DIN modules

6 - Installation on DIN rail

7 - Connections for impulse current sensor and for digital inputs and outputs

8 - Connections for current coils for load profile and power measurement

Data visualization in the cloud - DEHNmonitor PQ

You want to connect DEHNrecord SD to our web-based monitoring tool DEHNmonitor PQ (demo) to manage devices and visualise measurement data, or to download firmware updates? Click here for registration and login.

  • Power quality with DEHN

    Corporations, small businesses, private households – the supply of electrical energy is a basic necessity for everybody.

    For power grids to operate reliably and seamlessly, the power quality, the quality of the voltage supply, must be right. Yet power supply grids are becoming increasingly susceptible to malfunctions. Above all, this is down to the increasing number of decentralised generating and non-linear consumption systems.

    Also, the amount of sensitive electronic equipment is increasing. The steeply rising number of these non-linear loads, such as frequency converters, inverters, power supply units, LED street lights and also electric mobility, is resulting in considerable line harmonics.

    The core business of a power supply company or power grid operator is to provide users with energy of the right quality - and to do so as reliably as possible. The basis for this is the use of power quality measuring equipment that provides useful information. DEHN has developed a multifunctional measuring and analysis device for precisely this requirement which measures to class A standard. With the extensive installation of DEHNrecord SD in a low-voltage system, simple and future-proof monitoring is enabled, disruptions and faults are identified promptly, and evidence is documented which is admissible in court in the event of damage.

  • Power quality monitoring as per EN 50160

    DEHNrecord SD can be suitably configured through an integrated Web server or DEHNmonitor PQ.

    EN 50160 - Voltage characteristics of electricity supplied by public electricity networks defines and specifies the key characteristics of supply voltage at the network connection point under normal operating conditions.

    The characteristics of the supply voltage are defined for frequency, magnitude, waveform, and balance of the phase-to-phase voltages. During normal grid operation, load fluctuations, disturbances and faults such as short circuits lead to changes in the parameters. By measuring all relevant parameters, DEHNrecord SD enables simple and future-proof monitoring so that disruptions and faults are identified promptly. 

DEHNrecord SD – an impressive device concept

Combining cleverly

The multifunctional DEHNrecord SD measuring and analysis device identifies malfunctions reliably in line with standards and beyond, and can be easily and quickly combined with lightning current and surge arresters at the perfect installation location for stationary measurements. 

Online catalogue

Configuration files for Modbus - icomData Suite

You want to use Modbus as an easy and convenient way to connect the DEHNrecord SD to an INSYS icom router? Ready-to-use configuration files for this purpose are available in the download area. These already contain all important Modbus registers required for your application. Simply upload the corresponding file in icom Data Suite and you're ready to go.

For example, you can integrate the DEHNrecord SD into a SCADA system via the IEC 60870-5-104 protocol.

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