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Due diligence obligations in the supply chain

German Act on Corporate Due Diligence in Supply Chains (LkSG)

Human rights and environmental requirements

We take action today - for a safe tomorrow.​ Our long-term and holistic approach has characterised our company ever since it was founded in 1910. We see it as our corporate obligation to take responsibility for our own actions, conserve resources and hand over a planet on which life is worth living to future generations. Our corporate strategy therefore focuses on sustainability, digitalisation and internationalisation.

A logical part of this obligation is our express commitment as DEHN SE to respecting human rights and protecting the environment. We want to grow together worldwide, develop technologically and organise our business responsibly.

For us, this means: economic growth must go hand in hand with the protection of resources and people.​

This also includes the due diligence obligations specified for the following risks in Section 2 of the German Act on Corporate Due Diligence in Supply Chains (LkSG):

  • Prohibition of child labour
  • Prohibition of forced labour/slavery
  • Disregard for occupational health and safety and work-related health hazards
  • Disregard of freedom of association
  • Prohibition of unequal treatment in employment
  • Prohibition of withholding an appropriate wage
  • Destruction of natural resources through environmental pollution
  • Unlawful violation of land rights
  • Prohibition of hiring security forces that violate human rights
  • Prohibited use of mercury (Minamata Convention)
  • Prohibitions on the use of persistent organic substances (Stockholm Convention)
  • Prohibitions on the import/export of hazardous waste (Basel Convention)

LkSG - Human Rights Officer

DEHN SE has appointed an LkSG Human Rights Officer to oversee risk management for its own business operations and the entire supply chain. The Human Rights Officer reports directly to the Executive Board.

Benjamin Götz - LkSG - DEHN SE Human Rights Officer

LkSG - DEHN SE Human Rights Officer

Benjamin Götz

Phone: +49 9181 906 1493

Complaints procedure

In order to avert potential damage in connection with our business activities, it is important to us to become aware of possible violations of rights at an early stage. For this purpose, we have set up DEHNspeakup as a web-based whistleblowing system.

You can use it to report violations of the Supply Chain Due Diligence Act as well as general breaches of rules or grievances. All information received will be treated confidentially and complaints can also be submitted anonymously.

You can access our whistleblower system DEHNspeakup (incl. LkSG Complaints Procedure Rules) around the clock via the following link.

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