DEHN protects pipelines
DEHN protects pipelines

Smart decoupling device VCSD

Avoid AC corrosion, limit overvoltage

The intelligent short-circuiting device VCSD 40 IP65 protects pipelines.

This Voltage Controlled Smart-Decoupling Device limits long-term, temporary and transient overvoltages caused by external voltages.
Without negatively affecting the desired DC potential.


External voltages arise from...

  • Electromagnetic fields
  • caused by high-voltage lines
  • Earth faults and short-circuits
    caused by high-voltage lines
  • Lightning interferences
    caused by thunderstorms
  • Stray currents
    caused by electric railways


  • DEHN schützt Pipelines
  • DEHN protects pipelines

The problem

External voltages may cause AC corrosion on the pipeline, personal injury and material damage.


The solution

With VCSD you limit long-duration AC voltages to a pre-set value without influencing the cathodic protection potential on the pipeline (DC potential).

Staff safety

Personal protection is safeguarded, even in the event of temporary overvoltages because the limiting performance of the VCSD is always below the normative limit values. Even when it is switched off, the smart decoupling device limits long-duration overvoltages to 50 V and therefore to a value which is harmless for human beings.

For you this means you can protect your pipeline from corrosion and keep your staff safe at all times!


Smart support
By integrating the VCSD in all standard cathodic protection systems you stay informed about the status of your pipeline.

For you this means a huge facilitation and smart aid for your daily work.

ENSO NETZ GmbH are already using VCSD to protect their pipeline  – have a look at the reference ENSO/VCSD.

Fields of application

Typical fields of application are cathodically protected systems. Such as pipelines or storage tanks, indirect earthing of cable shields at accessible locations or corrosion-free connection of isolated earth-termination systems, e.g., signal ground. The VCSD limits overvoltages and their effects in its immediate vicinity to a safe level.


The main goals are:

  • Protection of the insulation of pipelines
  • Protection of devices and components
  • Reduction and prevention of AC corrosion
  • Personal protection in case of temporary and long-duration overvoltage (Limit values below the German AfK recommendation no. 3)


Your benefits with VCSD

  • Flexible and controllable use in different fields of application
  • High discharge capacity
  • Tested, comprehensive and coordinated protection solution
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