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DEHN protects pipelines
DEHN protects pipelines

Safe and smart: the voltage-controlled decoupling device VCSD

Avoid AC corrosion, limit overvoltage, protect pipelines and people

The smart decoupling device VCSD 40 IP65 (Voltage Controlled Smart Decoupling Device) protects pipelines and people from long-duration, temporary and transient overvoltages. Long-duration AC voltages are limited to a preset value by the voltage-controlled short-circuiter of the decoupling device.

The advantage: This does not negatively affect the desired cathodic protection potential (DC potential) of the pipeline.

  • DEHN schützt Pipelines
  • DEHN protects pipelines

The problem:

External voltages may cause AC corrosion on the pipeline and lead to personal injury and material damage.

Examples of interference:

  • Electric railways can cause stray currents. These are coupled via the ground into the pipeline in places where it is flawed. The potential of the pipeline is changed and causes corrosion.
  • High-voltage lines generate electromagnetic fields which are injected into parallel pipelines. Too high touch voltages and alternating current corrosion (AC corrosion) are also an undesirable consequence here.
  • Earth faults and lightning strikes cause external voltages. A potential gradient is created in the ground. If this reaches the pipeline, high overvoltages can spread throughout the entire pipeline network.

The solution

With VCSD you limit long-duration AC voltages to a pre-set value without influencing the cathodic protection potential on the pipeline (DC potential).


Staff safety

Personal protection is safeguarded, even in the event of temporary overvoltages because the limiting performance of the VCSD is always below the normative limit values. Even when it is switched off, the smart decoupling device limits long-duration overvoltages to 50 V and therefore to a value which is harmless for human beings.
For you this means you can protect your pipeline from corrosion and keep your staff safe at all times!


Always reliably informed

By integrating the VCSD in cathodic protection monitoring systems, you stay informed about the status of your pipeline.
The integrated USB interface continuously delivers measured values such as discharge current, pipeline voltage or device temperature.

For you this means: a huge relief and smart aid for your daily work!

ENSO NETZ GmbH are already using VCSD to protect their pipeline.
Have a look at the reference ENSO/VCSD.

Fields of application

Typical fields of application

  • Cathodically protected systems such as pipelines or storage tanks
  • Indirect earthing of cable shields at accessible locations
  • Corrosion-free connection of isolated earth-termination systems, like functional earth and signal earth.


Protection goals in a nutshell:

  • Coping with external voltages
  • Avoiding AC corrosion
  • Protecting pipelines and people
  • CE-compliant protection solution VCSD:
    This manufacturer-tested and
    CE-certified complete system is only
    available from DEHN!

Your benefits with VCSD

  • Permanent safety for pipeline and people
    Dangerous AC voltages are limited to a level that is harmless to people and systems.
  • Smart support with your daily work
    By integrating the VCSD in cathodic protection monitoring systems, you stay informed about the status of your pipeline.
  • Save time when testing
    The VCSD can be controlled remotely from the control room. The integrated self-test routine makes testing simple and easy.

Safe and smart: decoupling device protects pipelines and people

Ensuring highly available pipelines as well as a safe environment for everyone working on the system can be a major challenge. It is not all that easy to detect interference voltage in good time and reduce it to a harmless level.

This video shows you how the VCSD decoupling device reliably protects both people and systems and, on top of that, is a smart aid for your daily work.

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