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New this year: The Intersolar was part of the innovation platform "The smarter E Europe". At four parallel exhibitions, there were shown new energy solutions and technologies from the following sectors:

  • Solar industry - Intersolar Europe
  • Batteries and energy storage systems - ees Europe
  • Charging infrastructure and e-mobility - Power2Drive Europe
  • Energy use in industry and buildings - EM-Power


Those were the topics at the DEHN booth:

Protection solutions for photovoltaic and storage systems

Such a system has to be profitable. Damage due to surges does not fit the bill.  Replacing a faulty inverter, new installation, loss of revenue due to system downtime … all cost a lot of time and money.

Protect your investment with a comprehensive protection concept.

Battery storage systems – safety for container solutions

Lightning discharge and network-related peak voltages jeopardise the sensitive electronics required for the process of loading and discharging. Minimise expensive maintenance and repair work. Safeguard the availability of your battery storage system. With a customised lightning and surge protection concept.

Safety for e-mobility

Prevent expensive damage. Protect the charging infrastructure and electric vehicles against damage caused by lightning and surges – with the help of the extensive DEHN portfolio for e-mobility charging facilities.

Protection of LED street lighting

Secure the longevity of your LED technology, reduce the number of maintenance jobs and lower the costs of replacement.

Decide in favour of an optimised surge protection concept.

Protection solutions for the smart home

Modern lifestyle is increasingly defined by digital devices: Smart TV, intelligent home automation, burglar alarms, e-mobility … a lot of us already take smart technology for granted. The downside of smart is that devices are becoming increasingly sensitive and more susceptible to interference.

Consistent protection concepts are needed here.

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