Compact 5-channel arrester for SAT systems

The new surge protective device DEHNgate FF5 TV is suitable for universal application in analogue and digital SAT systems. One arrester can protect analogue or digital satellite reception systems with, e.g., a quad LNB (multi-switch) plus a terrestrial antenna.

The compact 5-channel surge arrester for SAT systems with a terrestrial antenna has a robust and fully shielded metal housing which fulfils class A shielding requirements according to EN 50083-2. It has been tested with lightning impulse currents and has a total discharge capacity of 2.5 kA (10/350μs). The arrester can be used at transitions between LPZ 0B and LPZ 2 in line with the lightning protection zone concept.

Direct connection to the multi-switch of the satellite system makes installation quick and easy. What is more, no additional mounting elements are required because, alongside the preassembled equipotential bonding conductor, the delivery scope also includes all connection accessories, like screws and dowels. The device is earthed directly through its enclosure.

This greatly reduces the installation time, for example, for a quad LNB / multi-switch, because instead of installing four or five individual arresters, one only needs a single protective device, the DEHNgate FF5 TV.

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