Press release: DEHN - Global partner for protecting wind turbines

DEHN presents protection solutions at the WindEnergy Hamburg

DEHN protects both entire wind turbines and their individual components. From 23 to 26 September 2014, the company will present its know-how in surge protection, lightning protection / earthing and safety equipment in a practice-oriented way at the WindEnergy Hamburg (hall B5, booth 211). Regular maintenance and inspection of wind turbines prevent downtime, save maintenance and repair costs and thus ensure a continuous yield. To this end, DEHN offers devices for an integrated and coordinated lightning and surge protection system and a comprehensive product portfolio for maintaining and inspecting wind turbines. DEHN globally protects onshore and offshore wind turbines against interference and downtime caused by lightning currents, surges or arc faults.

The new DEHNsolid is the most powerful type 1 arrester on the market and an ideal solution for applications with extremely high lightning current requirements. If the lightning current is not split or the risk potential in special installations is assumed to be higher than LPL I, DEHNsolid with a discharge capacity of 200 kA (10/350 μs) per pole is the perfect solution.

The DEHNmid medium-voltage arrester can be used for lines and stations and prevents surges in medium-voltage systems. DEHNmid safely protects medium-voltage inverters and transformers of wind turbines and is thus an important life-extending component for wind turbines.

The DEHNguard® SE H LI surge arrester stands out due to its discharge capacity Imax up to 65 kA (8/20 μs) and a width of only 1.5 modules. The Lifetime Indication function of DEHNguard® SE H LI is an early warning system which informs the user in good time that a surge protective device is faulty and thus allows to integrate the arrester in condition monitoring systems. Consequently, preventive maintenance concepts as required e.g. for offshore wind turbines can be easily implemented.

DEHNshort – an active arc fault protection system for low-voltage installations consisting of a detection system and a short-circuiter unit – is another innovation in installation protection. DEHNshort stands for comprehensive protection of installations on minimum space. The device detects an arc fault at the early stages of development and extinguishes it in a split second so that its effects are reduced to a safe level.

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