Press Release: DEHN protects electroacoustic systems

DEHNvario is a new product platform of compact combined arresters. The type DEHNvario DVR 2 BY S 150 FM serves to protect electroacoustic systems from lightning currents and surges. It protects one pair and allows direct or indirect shield earthing. The plug-in design allows fast and easy installation of the arrester without tools. The arrester can be easily replaced by releasing the integrated terminal unit and removing it from the enclosure. The high performance of the arrester allows safe operation of sound and acoustic evacuation systems in case of a lightning strike.
The new DEHNvario is unique on the market. The variable enclosure design offers flexibility in terms of space and connection technology, thus allowing to implement customer-specific protection solutions for electroacoustic systems and other applications. Further solutions with the DEHNvario product platform are in preparation.

The DEHNvario DVR 2 BY S 150 FM combined arrester with a high discharge capacity up to 2.5 kA (10/350 μs) per core protects electroacoustic systems such as voice alarm and loudspeaker systems from interference caused by lightning currents and surges. The performance parameters of the arrester ensure safe operation of electroacoustic systems even during thunderstorms and voice alarm systems for evacuating buildings in emergencies.

The arrester can be easily and quickly installed thanks to the toolless plug-in design of the signal cores. The cores are removed by pressing the button at the terminal connection. The terminals have a clamping range of 0.2 to 1.5 mm2 (solid and flexible). Easy replacement of the arrester is ensured by the integrated terminal unit which can be released and then removed from the enclosure without loosening the wiring. The terminal unit can be simply plugged into a new arrester. It is fixed in the enclosure in such a way that it is free of any vibration.

DEHNvario DVR 2 BY S 150 FM protects one pair and allows EMC-compliant direct or indirect shield earthing of cable shields. The lightning current carrying DIN rail contact integrated in the arrester ensures earthing and equipotential bonding. The arrester status is signalled via a remote signalling contact (break contact).

DEHNvario DVR 2 BY S 150 FM:


  • For electroacoustic systems up to a nominal current of 10 A
  • High discharge capacity up to 2.5 kA (10/350 μs) per core
  • For use in conformity with the lightning protection zone concept at the boundaries from 0A to 2 and higher
  • Fast installation without tools thanks to plug-in design
  • Pluggable terminal unit ensures easy arrester replacement
  • Integrated remote signalling contact
  • Direct or indirect shield earthing


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