Press release: DEHNclip® – Easy connection without tools

Fast – easy – lightning-current-tested – DEHNclip is a new type of connection between the foundation earth electrode and / or the functional equipotential bonding conductor. The rebar clip from DEHN + SÖHNE allows earthing materials to be easily connected to rebars within a very short time.

The DIN 18014 standard for foundation earth electrodes requires connections to the reinforcement at intervals of 2 m. The simple frictional connection of DEHNclip allows two conductor materials to be quickly connected with one another, thus saving installation costs. DEHNclip is made of spring steel and thus ensures safe connection. Screws and nuts are no longer lost and tightening torques are not required. Therefore, DEHNclip can also be used at difficult installation locations.

Moreover, the weight is reduced which means a lower burden for the installers. The rebar clip takes up little space in the upper reinforcement so that concrete cover may be sufficient. DEHNclip is lightning-current-tested according to EN 62561-1, thus offering safety for all earthing and equipotential bonding measures in the concrete foundation.

DEHNclip is available for connecting 10 mm round wires or 30 x 3.5 mm strip steel to rebars with a diameter of 6 / 8 / 10 / 12 mm.

of installations in case of an arc fault, thus preventing long downtime and the resulting follow-up costs. DEHNshort detects an arc fault as it develops and quenches it in a split second so that its effects are limited to a safe level.

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