Press release: DEHNguard® SE CI 440 FM for use in systems with higher rated voltages

The lightning and surge protection specialist DEHN + SÖHNE offers DEHNguard® SE CI WE 440 FM and DEHNguard® SE CI 440 FM surge protective devices especially for use in systems with higher rated voltages 400/690V. The requisite backup fuse is also integrated. This makes effective protection against overvoltages possible for a whole range of applications, for example, wind power and photovoltaic plants, traction and aerial railway systems and even cranes in industrial ports. Compared to conventional solutions with external backup fuses, the DEHN arresters with an integrated backup fuse save up to 60% space. The new DEHNguard® SE CI minimises the risk of failure caused by overvoltages. These surge protective devices are not only designed to meet high electrical demands, but also to withstand heavy mechanical loads. Beside being suitable for high voltages, these DEHN arresters are also resistant to vibration and shock.

The new DEHNguard® DG SE CI are single-pole, modular type 2 surge arresters with a width of just 1.5 DIN modules. They consist of a base part and a protection module with integrated backup fuse. The module locking system used here makes sure that the protective module stays fixed in place, unmoved by any knocks and vibrations incurred during transport and operation or by the enormous electrodynamic forces experienced during a discharge process. At the same time, it is easy to replace the protection module without the need for tools using the module release button. The arrester can be monitored via a floating remote signalling contact.

When implementing DEHNguard® SE CI arresters the user does not have to think about the correct dimensioning of the backup fuse for the arrester because it is already integrated in the device and, as such, adjusted to the performance parameters of the surge protection components in the type 2 SPD.

The installation standard IEC 60364-5-53 limits the maximum line length for connecting an arrester to 0.5 metres. It is easy to comply with this standard using the DEHNguard SE CI arrester because there is no need for an external backup fuse and the corresponding wiring as it is already integrated in the arrester. In addition to a space-saving of 60% in comparison to arresters without an integrated backup fuse, this considerably shortens and simplifies the cable routing.

In keeping with the increasing demands on the availability of electrical systems, the function of the arrester is also monitored via an indicator and remote signalling contact. The surge protective devices are simple to install in a small space, just 1.5 DIN modules. This saves time, space and installation costs.

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