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Neumarkt – Mid-December 2018: DEHN greeted over 30 lightning protection installers from all over Germany. “DEHN is already in its fourth generation and still fascinated by the phenomenon lightning, our passion. Like previous generations, we look for opportunities to meet future challenges and make the world a little bit safer through our own protection solutions and the skill of the lightning protection installers. It is our common experience in trade and industry which flows into the further development of lightning protection” said Dr Philipp Dehn in his speech on the topic: 15 years of HVI. DEHN brought its guests up to date on the development and testing of the HVI high voltage resistant insulated conductor and technical innovations and trends in the field of lightning protection. A visit to the high voltage laboratory at the Technische Hochschule Nürnberg Georg Simon Ohm rounded off the technical framework programme.

The most modern continuation of lightning protection after Benjamin Franklin is the HVI®Conductor (High Voltage Insulation), a high voltage resistant insulated conductor which leads the lightning current safely from the air-termination system to the earthing system. Its special design makes it possible to maintain equivalent separation distances of 45 cm to 90 cm (in air), depending on the type of HVI, to the earthed metal building installations. This prevents uncontrolled flashover and lightning currents are conducted directly to the earthing system. The high voltage resistant, insulated HVI® Conductorwas patented in 2002 and introduced to the market as an absolute innovation in the field of external lightning protection in 2003.

Presently there are three types of the HVI®Conductor: the HVI®light (equivalent separation distance in air ≤ 45cm), the HVI®Conductor (equivalent separation distance in air ≤ 75cm) and the HVI®power (equivalent separation distance in air ≤ 90cm). The effectivity of the whole HVI system has not only been proven in the lab, but also through actual lightning strikes to plants and systems protected by HVI.


Initially largely for the mobile radio sector, today the areas of application have been expanded, developed and perfected with the help of lightning protection installers. Their feedback and cooperation was and is important to us. This is the only way to achieve the kind of excellence and expertise which can be used as a distinguishing feature by all those in the branch.

Today, 15 years on, HVI®Conductors not only protect residential and industrial buildings, wind turbines, photovoltaic systems, biogas plants and, as at the start, cell sites, but also process industry systems with Ex areas, e.g. gas compressor stations.


“The development continues and DEHN passionately pursues new paths with its partners in lightning protection installation. Thanks to their and our own pioneering spirit and extensive experience in industry and trade, we have, in the 15 years since the new HVI Conductor was first launched on the market in 2003, succeeded in establishing this innovative conductor on the market worldwide. German lightning protection has made a name for itself on an international level and enjoys high recognition” said Helmut Pusch, Chief Sales Officer, in his speech on the subject of 15 years of HVI.

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