Press release: Integration of test joints

Proper integration of test joints in external thermal insulation composite systems

The relevant technical processing guidelines for the insulation materials specified by the manufacturer must be observed for the thermal insulation of existing or new buildings with external thermal insulation composite systems (ETICS). This also affects the integration of windows, doors and all components leading through the composite system. These guidelines are also relevant for lightning protection components. The telescopic test joint box from DEHN is a product for easy and proper integration of a test joint in the building insulation.

Lightning protection systems in conjunction with an external thermal insulation composite system pose challenges for designers and installers, particularly with regard to the installation and integration of test joints for lightning protection systems. The products available on the market did not ensure proper installation. Therefore, test joints were often installed on the roof level or in flush-mounted boxes. Particularly the latter are exposed to increased pollution.

The expandable test joint box for external thermal insulation composite systems from DEHN is an innovative product for designers and installers which allows flexible and proper use. The test joint box can be gradually adjusted to insulation material thicknesses between 90 and 140 mm by means of clamping and can thus be used for common insulation material thicknesses. An additional spacer must be used for insulation material thicknesses between 140 and 320 mm. The spacer has a styrofoam core to prevent thermal bridges and can be individually shortened from 200 - 50 mm in 10 mm steps.

The down and earthing conductor can be easily led into the box. There is sufficient space for installing a clamp. Thanks to the installation dimensions of 140 x 180 mm and a depth of 80 mm, continuity and earthing measurements for lightning protection systems can be easily performed by means of measuring callipers.

The proper installation is finished by mounting a stable and visually appealing stainless steel cover, which protects from wind driven rain, on the test joint. A UV and weather-resistant foam sealing is integrated in the cover to ensure that the test joint is protected from wind driven rain. The special edge of the cover exerts a sufficient pressure on the sealing at the corner of the cover.

Thus, the test joint box for external thermal insulation composite systems is an innovative, universal and practical solution for integrating a test joint in external thermal insulation composite Systems.

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