Press release: New safety equipment products

In case of arc faults, the fast and coordinated interaction of the detection system and short-circuiting unit of the DEHNshort arc fault protection system ensures short disconnection times in low-voltage switchgear installations. The new aluminium earthing and short-circuiting device is easy to install and not prone to theft due to the material used. The DEHNcheck distance voltage detector utilises a fixed reference earth point via a galvanic link and achieves the voltage testing through capacitive coupling.

DEHNshort – an arc fault protection system for low-voltage installations consisting of a detection system and short-circuiting unit – is an innovation for protecting installations. The detection system can be integrated in the door of the switchgear cabinet and the short-circuiting unit takes up minimal space. DEHNshort provides a high degree of protection for installations without wasting space. It allows fast and safe disconnection of installations in case of an arc fault. Long downtime and the resulting follow-up costs can thus be prevented. DEHNshort detects an arc fault at the early stages of development and takes only a split second until the arc fault is extinguished so that its effects are limited to an acceptable level.

When earthing and short-circuiting switchgear installations and particularly overhead lines, the weight-reduced cable of the new aluminium earthing and short-circuiting device (single-pole, 70mm2) is considerably easier to transport and install. Due to the drastically increased copper prices, material theft and the resulting damage to property has escalated. This can be prevented by the use of aluminium conductors.

The DEHNcheck distance voltage detector developed by DEHN is used for outdoor switchgear installations. It detects the electrical field of the live parts of the installation and uses a fixed reference earth potential for testing through a galvanic coupled arm,
thus reliably indicating the dead condition of different installation configurations.

All safety devices and equipment from DEHN are manufactured and tested in line with the requirements of applicable standards. DEHN is also a reliable partner for maintenance tests of earthing and short-circuiting devices, voltage detectors, switching sticks, fuse tongs, insulating sticks and earthing sticks.

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