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Press release: Now available: LIGHTNING PROTECTION GUIDE

New edition of the English lightning protection book is now available!

For three decades, the LIGHTNING PROTECTION GUIDE from DEHN has been the trademark for practice-oriented technical literature in the fields of lightning and surge protection for buildings, installations and systems. The book had to be revised and enlarged due to changes in standardisation and technical progress. Now the third revised edition of the English LIGHTNING PROTECTION GUIDE is available.

The LIGHTNING PROTECTION GUIDE provides expert knowledge for the practical understanding of lightning and surge protection on almost 500 pages. The topics covered by the book range from characteristic lightning parameters up to the practical application of lightning protection components and surge protective devices. It documents the state of the art based on the IEC and EN 62305 standards and important information provided in the German supplements to the DIN EN 62305 standards. Wherever no international or European standards exist, reference is made to German standards. 

The book includes materials, components, devices and systems, standards, regulations, design fundamentals and 34 practical solutions for specific applications. Informative illustrations additionally explain the function of lightning and surge protection systems and show possible application scenarios.

The LIGHTNING PROTECTION GUIDE gives non-specialists and experienced experts an overview of normative, technical and practice-relevant aspects of lightning and surge protection and offers support in the selection and sustainable design of buildings, installations and systems.

The LIGHTNING PROTECTION GUIDE can be directly obtained from DEHN and is also available as pdf document at

Petra Raab

Petra Raab ⎟ Head of External Communications

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