Safety all along the line with the voltage detector PHE4 from DEHN

DEHN protects. Therefore, safety and quality with regard to electrical installations and systems is a top priority for DEHN. The new voltage detectors of the PHE4 series are further proof of this. They can be used in indoor and outdoor locations and provide reliable information in all weather conditions (rain, snow, sun).

The devices of the new voltage detector PHE4 series from DEHN can be used to verify absence of voltage on all poles in electrical installations from 1 – 420 kV. PHE4 has a test function which allows a functional test to be performed before and after the voltage detector is used. During this test, the live parts are tested. For voltage detectors up to 36 kV the live parts are even tested from the indicator right up to the test prod.

The control panel is large enough to safely and easily operate the device using protective gloves. After the functional test, the voltage detector remains operational for about 4 minutes. Both a visual indication and an acoustic signal show whether voltage is present. PHE4 can be used in indoor and outdoor locations in all weather conditions.

If a larger safety distance is required to ensure safe operation or the length is not sufficient to reach the point of contact, an extension can be quickly and easily attached via the unique plug-in coupling system from DEHN.

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