Wireless inspection camera brings the invisible to light

The wireless inspection camera by DEHN is now available with an optional LED lighting unit which is quite simply mounted to the camera enclosure. The practical camera is ideal for inspecting and documenting the state of electrical installations up to 123 kV / 15-60 Hz – under live conditions. The extra lighting, point or diffused, makes it possible to use the camera in badly lit locations. It is simple to control via WiFi and an app on a smartphone or tablet computer. Safe operation is a simple matter, without any special training on the part of the electrician. The photos and documentation transmitted live can be saved and forwarded.

The LED lighting makes it possible to visually check the condition of an electrical installation regardless of the prevailing lighting conditions. The camera was specially designed to inspect parts which are narrow, poorly accessible or hidden from view in live installations. A WiFi connection is used to transfer pictures of the areas inspected from the camera to a smartphone or tablet.

On the basis of photos and video recordings, the electrician can analyse the state of the electrical installation without putting himself in the danger zone. The light beam can be adjusted to point or diffuse light. The inspection camera makes light work of reading the rating plates on electrical installations or transformers, discovering damaged equipment (e.g. insulators) and assessing the dirt accumulation on electrical components. The flexible operating head makes it possible to inspect even hard-to-access parts of installations.

In combination with the extendable insulating sticks by DEHN, the necessary safety distance is kept and a safe working environment created. The worker remains completely outside the live working zone. Saving and passing on the recordings and pictures is then easy using the terminal device. 

The wireless inspection camera comes in a case as a complete set and can be supplemented with the optional LED lighting.

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