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Product and application videos

Here you will find a selection of videos about our products and services. Visit our YouTube channel for more.

Surge Protection for Power Supply Systems (Red/Line)

  • DEHNdetect: The Lightning current measuring system

    The new lightning current measuring system which reliably detects lightning events with the aim of avoiding expensive maintenance work and long down times. DEHNdetect registers BOTH impulse AND long stroke currents and keeps you up-to-date, if you prefer, via push messages directly to your smartphone or tablet.

  • DEHNguard® SE H LI with Lifetime Indication

    The DEHNguard® SE H LI type 2 surge arrester with “Lifetime Indication” protects installations with high availability requirements. The three-step indication shows at an early stage whether protection modules have to be replaced. The repeatedly used, but still functional arrester can be quickly identified and replaced without prolonged interruption of the protective circuit.

  • DEHNventil® modular combined arrester

    The devices of the modular DEHNventil® family provide a combination of safety and innovation. Designed for "all-in-one installation", the arresters integrate lightning equipotential bonding and surge protection in a single device, making them ideal for use in compact electrical installations. The energy-coordinated arresters even allow to protect terminal equipment if the distance between DEHNventil® and the loads is ≤ 5 m. With a lightning current discharge capacity up to 100,000 A, the arresters ensure a high degree of availability of the electrical installation to be protected.

  • Protection of photovoltaic systems with DEHNguard® YPV SCI surge arrester

    The DEHNguard® YPV SCI ... surge arresters are specifically designed for protecting equipment in photovoltaic systems. The patented three-step d.c. switching device (SCI principle) makes these arresters particularly safe so that they fulfil all requirements in modern photovoltaic systems. The devices are available as 600 V and 1000 V versions and cover the most common voltage levels for string inverter systems.

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    DEHNguard® T ... LI with Pro-Active Thermo Control

    The single-pole and multipole surge arresters of the DEHNguard® ... H LI family provide maximum safety and user-friendliness and set new standards in surge protection. With the "Pro-Active Thermo Control" concept, they are the first "intelligent" surge arresters to warn the user of failures of the surge protective device in due time. With this concept, the new SPD monitoring device meets the ever increasing requirements on the availability of electrical systems in industrial, commercial and domestic environments. The three-way visual indication GREEN-YELLOW-RED along with a floating changeover contact for remote signalling provides information on the operating state of the arrester. If there is a risk that the varistor might be irreversibly damaged due to an increased energy load, the yellow indicator and the remote signalling function indicate that the protection module should be replaced, thus preventing that the installation is unprotected!

  • DEHNcube protects photovoltaic systems

    Surges can occur both on the a.c. and d.c. side of the inverter. For this reason, it is important to protect both sides. A DEHNguard® modular arrester installed in the main distribution board protects the inverter on the a.c. side.There is no distribution board on the d.c. side of the inverter. For this reason, it is advisable to install a DEHNcube surge arrester. Thanks to its compact design DEHNcube can be quickly and easily installed next to the inverter. PV systems must generate electricity for more than 20 years. Surge protective devices from DEHN protect photovoltaic systems from damage and failure resulting from surges and ensure yields in the long term.

  • DEHNguard® SE DC for direct current applications

    The modular DEHNguard® SE DC type 2 surge arrester protects direct current applications from the effects of lightning strikes and surges. The new d.c. switching device DCD is designed in such a way that the protective device is safely disconnected in case of overload, thus preventing d.c. switching arcs and the resulting fire damage. Consequently, DEHNguard® SE DC provides protection during the whole service life of an electrical system. The surge arrester can be used without additional backup fuse for direct currents up to 300 A. The mechanical operating state / fault indication and the optional remote signaling contact complete the functionality of the device with a modern design of 1.5 modules.

Surge Protection for IT Systems (Yellow/Line)

  • Lightning and surge protection for electroacoustic systems with DEHNvario

    The combined arrester DEHNvario DVR 2 BY S 150 FM protects electroacoustic systems (e.g. PA system or alarm systems in stadiums, convention centres, train stations or airports) against damages caused by lightning and overvoltages and thus ensures that they can easily be operated during thunderstorms.

Lightning Protection / Earthing

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    Installation comparison: Maxi MV clamp with tear-off screw vs. exothermic welding

    In this video we show you how much time you can save when installing the new Maxi MV clamp with tear-off screw compared to exothermic welding. Maxi MV clamp fulfills international standards according to DIN EN 62561-1.

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    Installation rebar clip DEHNclip®

    In this video we show you how much time you can save when installing the new rebar clip DEHNclip compared to conventional clamps.

  • Tutorial installing HVI®long Conductor into the supporting tube

    The HVI®long is a high-voltage-resistant insulated down conductor for keeping the separation distance to electrically conductive parts in your lightning protection system according to IEC/EN 62305-3. It can be used up to an equivalent separation distance s ≤ 75 cm (in air) or s ≤ 150 cm (solid building material). For on-site assembly, the HVI®long Conductor is delivered in a length of 100 m on a disposable plywood reel (diameter approx. 800 mm, width approx. 485 mm) incl. one Allen key.

  • HVI®power Conductor in action: Protecting a hospital's cell site

    HVI®power Conductor (high-voltage-insulated down conductor) can also be used in lightning protection level I as the whole system was tested with 200 kA lightning impulse current (10/350 µs). Thus, HVI®power Conductor is the perfect solution for all lightning protection levels.

  • HVI®power Conductor in action: Lightning protection for flat roofs

    The HVI®power lightning protection system is ideally suited for flat roofs. It is a combination of individual components such as a self-supporting air-termination system – consisting of an air-termination rod, supporting tube, tripod with side outlet and HVI®power Conductor (high-voltage-resistant, insulated down conductor) – as well as other products.

Safety Equipment / Arc Fault Protection

  • Wireless inspection camera

    Reliable inspections and easy operation via radio link to a smartphone or tablet. The portable inspection camera can be used for regular visual inspections and for documenting the state of electrical installations up to 123 kV / 15 - 60 Hz.

  • DEHNshort: Active arc fault protection system for low-voltage switchgear installations

    Arc faults in switchgear installations release high amounts of energy, generating extreme heat and a considerable pressure wave. This leads to failure or complete destruction of the switchgear installations – and of course it also affects all systems and devices connected to them. This is why protection solutions are needed which enable the fast and reliable extinction of an arc fault – such as the DEHNshort system.

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