ACI technology:

For reliable and durable surge protection.

Electronic devices have become an indispensable part of our everyday lives. Particularly in the industrial sector, reliable energy supply is an absolute must. If surges occur here, it is not only devices that can suffer from the load, the entire supply system can fail. This leads to high economic damage due to operational, data and production losses.

The growing use of electronic devices contributes to this risk, as it leads to an increasingly complex supply network. At the same time, electronic devices are becoming ever more compact. This leads to greater sensitivity to fluctuations in the power grid.

Surge protective devices are available to protect systems from such failures. However, these usually require an additional, external backup fuse. This takes up even more of the already limited space in the switchgear cabinet. The standard-compliant wiring of a maximum 0.5 metres is also difficult to comply with due to the external backup fuse.

The newly developed ACI technology from DEHN offers you an innovative solution to all these problems. Our protection modules with ACI (Advanced Circuit Interruption) have a switch/spark gap combination integrated in the arrester. This eliminates the need for an external backup fuse. What this means for you is more space in the switchgear cabinet, more freedom during installation and reliable system protection. 

To the ACI product family

ACI means safety at the highest level

Our new ACI technology eliminates the need for an external backup fuse. This is made possible by the switch/spark gap combination inside the protection modules. It combines the necessary surge protection with the backup fuse. The current is interrupted as soon as the electric arc enters the arcing chamber. The surge impulse is only conducted at the narrowest point, which is always sufficiently dimensioned.

As this process is faster than with standard fuses, the connected cables are subjected to significantly less load in the event of a short circuit. The conductor cross-section used can therefore be reduced to 16 or 6 mm2 of copper depending on the arrester type. 


All benefits at a glance

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Reliable dimensioning

The external backup fuse is omitted. This means no more dimensioning errors. 

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The integrated switch/spark gaps means one less cable. This makes it easier to comply with the maximum length of 0.5 m.

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By eliminating the external backup fuse, you gain more space and freedom in the switchgear cabinet.

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Thanks to more space in the switchgear cabinet and fewer cables, you benefit from safe and convenient installation.

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The technical properties of the ACI modules prevent leakage currents and thus offer long-term protection for your systems.

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ACI modules are particularly long-lasting and reduce your system's downtimes, giving you maximum system availability.

Relax. It is DEHN ACI technology.

Forget about that time-consuming dimensioning of the backup fuse! Our Type 1 and Type 2 arresters with ACI technology have an integrated switch/spark gap combination. This reduces errors, enables flexible installation and raises system availability to a new level. This is what we here at DEHN call our "no-worries solution".



You can find more information on ACI technology here.

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