DEHN protects residential buildings

Residential buildings

Protect articles of value in residential buildings

Electrical devices and systems make life easier in modern households:

  • TVs, stereo and video equipment, satellite systems
  • Electric cookers, dish washers and washing machines, driers, refrigerators / freezers, coffee machines, etc.
  • Laptops / PCs / tablet PCs, printers, smartphones, etc.
  • Heating, air-conditioning and ventilation systems

Insurance coverage alone is not enough

Surges can damage or even completely destroy these devices, resulting in financial damage of several thousand euros. In addition to this financial loss, surges often cause immaterial damage such as the loss of personal data (photos, videos or music files). The consequences of surges are also inconvenient if the heating system, shutters or lighting system fails due to damaged controllers. Even if the household insurance settles the claim, personal data is lost forever. Claim settlement and replacement take time and are a hassle. That is why it is essential to take surge protection measures!

First step: System protection

The first step is to consider all lines leaving or entering the building: Power supply / telephone / lighting lines, TV / SAT connections, connections for PV systems, etc.

In residential buildings, meters and sub-circuit distribution boards are often placed in one enclosure. For this purpose, DEHNshield comes in different versions to protect both the installation and the terminal devices on the power supply side, even in case of direct lightning strikes. DEHNbox can be provided for the telephone connection, e.g., via DSL / ISDN. This arrester is sufficient to ensure the safe operation of the DSL router. DEHNrail and BLITZDUCTOR XT protect the controller of the heating system, which is often located in the basement.

If there are further distribution boards, DEHNguard surge arresters should be installed.

Second step: Protection of terminal devices

The next step is to protect all terminal devices, which are fed by several power supply systems, by installing surge protective devices right at their inputs. These terminal devices include TVs, video and stereo equipment as well as alarm and video surveillance systems. The antenna amplifiers can be protected using DEHNgate.

The cascaded use of surge protective devices prevents damage and is more economical than you may think.



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