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Surge protection with ACI technology

The new ACI (Advanced Circuit Interruption) technology stands for the highest level of device safety and system availablity!

What is new is that the integrated switch / spark gap combination eliminates the need for a backup fuse. So, ACI prevents possible configuration errors made when selecting and dimensioning a backup fuse.

Protect antenna and SAT systems

New to the DEHN range are two practical, universally applicable clamps which facilitate the installation of the required protective measures.

Clamp 16 mm2
One clamp - many uses: Universal clamp for wire and cable. Just as suitable for connecting to the gutter as for connecting the earth rod.

UNI KS Connector
Flexible for various cross-sections: Universal connector for conductor cross-sections of 6 - 16 mm2.

Safely mastering separation distances

Safety at the highest level:

The high-voltage resistant, insulated HVI®Conductor provides optimum protection and maximum flexibility during installation. Keeping separation distances is simple with HVI®Lightning protection.

Safe in the event of an arc fault

An arc fault protection system offers you the safety and security you need

  • to effectively protect your staff
  • to optimise the availablity of switchgear assemblies and
  • to design in conformity with valid regulations.

Different protective systems are available to suit the individual situation and type of system depending on the purpose of application and power density of the switchgear assembly.

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