InnoTrans 2018
InnoTrans 2018

That was the InnoTrans 2018

Thank you for visiting the InnoTrans 2018!
That was the international fair for transport technology in Berlin.

DEHN protects the railway infrastructure

Lightning protection, earthing and surge protection specially for protecting the 
railway infrastructure. Get the latest information on protection concepts for:

  • Electronic and digital interlockings
  • GSM-R transmitting and receiving systems
  • Level crossing safety systems
  • Point heaters
  • Direct current railway systems

DEHN protects.®

DEHNpatch outdoor

Safe even under extreme climatic conditions. The weatherproof choice of surge protection for 
safety technology and GSM-R transmitting and receiving systems.

Quick and easy installation of bird deterrent

Time and again birds and small animals cause earth faults and short circuits which disrupt rail traffic. The answer is the “bird and small animal guard” which can be installed on the insulator using the
new adapter AD ZK 3M 170. Safe, easy, fast.

DEHNguard® ACI

Type 2 DEHNguard ACI arrester for protecting the power supply in railway infrastructure applications. The integrated switch/spark-gap combination eliminates the need
for an upstream backup fuse. 

Which means you save time, space and materials.

Try out our safety devices for yourself

Experience safety equipment and live working first hand.

Find out for yourself how the voltage detector sits in the hand, how easy the indicator is to read or how to use the digital inspection camera.

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