WPJ Schutzanzug
DEHN protects against high-pressure water jets

DEHNcare WJP protective overall against high-pressure water jets

1,000 bar? Can your PPE take it?

Safe work with high-pressure water jets. High-pressure-resistant. Waterproof. Comfortable.

The WJP protective overall protects your employees while they are cleaning with high-pressure waterjets up to 1000 bar (tested with type B flat jet nozzle according to test principle GS-IFA-P15). It is the first protective overall for high-pressure water jets tested and certified according to the new EU regulation for PPE and the test principles GS-IFA-P15.

These are the highlights of the WJP protective overall

DEHN schützt vor Hochdruckwasserstrahlen

Good for the person wearing it

  • breathable and therefore particularly comfortable to wear 
  • extremely light - size M weighs only 2.3 kg
  • waterproof all over
  • washable at 60°
DEHN schützt vor Hochdruckwasserstrahlen

Good for the employer

  • certified according to the PPE regulations
  • the first protective overall against high-pressure jets to correspond to the test principles GS-IFA-P15.
  • sustainable because washable

Reliable protection in a wide variety of industries

For industrial plants, concrete refurbishment, commercial buildings...

This overall is made of a newly developed material mix and protects your employees while they are cleaning with high-pressure waterjets in a wide variety of applications, like, for example:

  • Cleaning industrial plants
  • Cleaning public spaces
  • Stripping metal surfaces, e.g. bridges or monuments
  • Cleaning machines and vehicles, e.g. in the commercial construction sector, agriculture and the transport industry
  • Concrete cleaning and refurbishment

See for yourself!


Video in German:

Protective overall against high-pressure water jets

All the benefits of DEHNcare WJP at a glance.


Video in German:

1000 bar high-pressure water fabric test

Here you can see the difference: Conventional moisture protection vs. DEHNcare WJP overall

Prevent cuts and injuries – worry-free work

WJP schützt vor Hochdruckwasserstrahlen bis 1000 bar

Safety bonus

The protective overall is tested up to 1000 bar and is high-pressure-resistant. It offers increased protection against abrasion and cuts for those parts of the body at greatest risk (arms, legs, knees).

WJP Schutzanzug - super leicht - super komfortabel

A true lightweight

The overall weighs only 2.3 kg making it extremely light. The wearer has greater freedom of movement and does not tire as easily.

DEHN WJP - der waschbare Schutzanzug gegen Hochdruckwasserstrahl

Quickly ready for use again

The overall is washable up to 60°. Chemical cleaning is also possible. This means that you need fewer disposable overalls, thus protecting the environment.

WJP Schutzanzug gegen Hochdruckwasserstrahlen bis 1000 bar

Worry-free work

The 2-layered composite material is water-proof, cut-resistant and breathable, making the overall extremely comfortable to wear.

Branding Service

Place your logo here!

3 good reasons for branding your protective overalls:

  •  Build brand awareness by displaying your logo and company name on the overall.

  • Motivate your employees by offering them their own personal protective overalls with their names on them.

  • Present yourself as a service company equipped with high-quality PPE.
    This gives your client a sense of security and stimulates trust

The branding service is available for orders of 10 or more protective overalls. Simply get in touch with us.


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