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SPD Test Device

  • For routine tests of surge protective devices
  • Compact dimensions
  • Suitable for mains and battery operation
  • Low battery indicator
  • Test leads included in delivery
  • Touch-protected test adapter for modular arresters of the XT/XTU/SP series available as an accessory


Insulated test leads are included in delivery.
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Test adapter for modular arresters.
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The sparkover performance of gas discharge tubes, varistors and Zener diodes can be tested.
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Indication of the measured sparkover voltage.
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PM 20

Combined device for testing the sparkover voltage of surge arresters (with gas discharge tubes / varistors / Zener diodes). Storage bag and measuring accessories included.

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Part No. 910511 PM 20

GTIN 4013364111424, Customs tariff No. (EU): 90308900, Gross weight: 1.47 kg, PU: 1.00 pc(s)



Additional information

PM20 arrester test device
SPD Test Unit for surge arresters based on
gas discharge tube/varistor/Zener diode technology
Allows for mains and battery supply
Low battery indication
Storage bag and accessories for measuring included
Nominal voltage: 8 – 12 V dc
Test parameters:
Test voltage: max. 1200 V dc
Test current (reference voltage): 1 mA dc, constant
Dimension of storage bag: 300 x 110 x 110 mm

Brand: DEHN
Type: PM 20
Part No.: 910511
or equivalent.



Technical data

Nominal voltage (d.c.) (UN ) 8-12 V d.c.
Test parameter: Test voltage max. 1200 V d.c.
Measured value indication alphanumeric, eight-digit LCD
Accessories included in delivery 2 test leads (each 1 m long), 2 safety tapping test clips, 1 plug-in power supply unit (230 V a.c.), 1 storage bag
Dimensions of the storage bag 300 x 110 x 110 mm

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