EXFS Coaxial Connection Box

  • For bridging buried insulating joints in cathodically protected pipe sections of pipelines
  • For protecting insulating joints in potentially explosive atmospheres
  • Voltage drop across the coaxial cable is up to three times lower than across a conventional connection cable. Depending on the insulation strength of the insulating joint, the length of the connection cable can be up to 5 m
  • The integrated EXFS 100 spark gap is thus inspected and replaced outside the Ex area / above ground (no excavation work needed
  • Version for lightning equipotential bonding according to IEC 62305 in hazardous areas
  • Spark gap is easily accessible since cables do not have to be disconnected and insulations do not have to be removed during inspection
  • Delivery does not include fixing accessory

Coaxial Connection Box with EXFS 100

Coaxial connection of isolating spark gaps with a low sparkover voltage for lightning equipotential bonding according to IEC 62305.

1 Product

Part No. 999990 NAK SN4631

GTIN 4013364153776, Customs tariff No.: 85371098, Gross weight: 5.52 kg, PU: 1.00 pc(s)


Additional information

Coaxial connection box with integrated Ex isolating spark gap EXFS 100 according to IEC 62561-3:2011
(81/387/CDV) / EN 62561-3 for coaxial connection to insulating joints and flanges.
Ex isolating spark gap with Ex marking according to IEC / EN 60079: Gas II 2G Ex d IIC T6
IEC / EN 61241: Dust II 2D Ex tD A21 IP67 T 80°C
Lightning impulse current (10/350): 100 kA
Class (lightning current carrying capability) acc. to IEC 62561-3:2011 (81/387/CDV) / EN 50 164-3: H
Nominal discharge current (8/20): 100 kA
Rated impulse sparkover voltage: <= 1.25 kV
Power-frequency sparkover voltage (50Hz): <= 0.5 kV
Rated power-frequency withstand voltage (50 Hz): <= 250 V
Rated discharge current (50 Hz): 500 A / 0.2 sec. (Tu <= 45°C)
Degree of protection: IP67
Connection of enclosure: screw M10x25 mm and spring washer, shield terminal

Brand: DEHN
Type: NAK SN4631
Part No.: 999990
or equivalent.


Technical data

Isolating spark gap acc. to EN 62561-3 / IEC 62561-3 yes
Lightning impulse current (10/350 µs) (Iimp ) 100 kA
Nominal discharge current (8/20 µs) (In ) 100 kA
Rated impulse sparkover voltage (Ur imp ) ≤ 1.25 kV
Degree of protection protection IP 67 (UV-resistant)

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