DEHN protects railway technology
Possible applications in the railway infrastructure

Electronic and digital interlockings

Avoid system failure and operative disruptions

Signalling and control systems are the brain and nervous system of railway transportation systems. Time and again lightning strikes lead to the failure of individual components in electronic interlockings causing train delays and cancellations.

You can provide effective protection for all kinds of interlockings by implementing a comprehensive lightning protection concept which is individually adjusted to the system at hand. Guideline 819.0808 "Blitz- und Überspannungsschutz von LST Anlagen" (Lightning and surge protection of control and signalling installations) issued by the Deutsche Bahn AG also makes recommendations on this theme.


The advantages for you of a DEHN protection solution for interlockings:

  • Economically viable material and installation costs thanks to the optimum planning of the protection concept
  • Prevention of costly operational disruptions and system breakdowns caused by lightning strikes and surges
  • Comprehensive protection concept - tailored to the specific conditions in your interlockings


Stellwerke A - DEHNventil modular B - DEHNguard S275 VA FM C - BLITZDUCTOR XT D - DEHNrecord MCM XT E - Earthing and equipotential bonding

Protection of GSM-R transmitting and receiving systems

Optimum radio coverage thanks to maximum system availability

Most GSM-R (Global System for Mobile Communication - Railway) radio masts are in exposed locations in order to ensure a good transmission range. As a result, the risk of a direct lightning strike is particularly high. Professional lightning and surge protection is essential to maximise system availability and protect people in the vicinity.

The advantages for you of using a DEHN solution to protect GSM-R systems:

Personal protection
• Maximum system availability
• Protection of devices and components
Optimum support of all those involved in the process chain

Sende-Empfangsystem A - DEHNsecure M 2P 60 FM B - BLITZDUCTOR XT ML4 B 180 C - DEHNgate LG 7 16 MFA D - DEHNpatch CLE IP66 E - Earthing and equipotential bonding

Protection of level crossing safety systems

Operate level crossing safety systems so that they are safe and highly available

Level crossings are neuralgic points whose protection requires maximum reliability. Level crossings systems ensure that intersections where a railway line crosses a road or path at the same level are safe. They must function reliably, even in a storm.

DEHN has developed a special protection concept in collaboration with manufacturers of level crossing safety systems and the DB Netz AG.


Your benefits from a DEHN solution for the protection of level crossing safety systems:

• Personal protection due to maximum safety
Laboratory-tested protection solutions, approved by the Federal Railway Authority (Eisenbahn-Bundesamt)
Maximum system availability due to optimum device and component protection
Remote signalling of arresters to be replaced

Buesa A - DEHNventil M TT 2P 255 FM B - BLITZDUCTOR XT C - DEHNrecord MCM XT D - SDS voltage limiting device and mast adapter

Protection of point heaters

Disturbance-free rail traffic - even in ice and snow

Electric point heaters are used to make sure that points also function properly when there is snow and ice.

Lightning strikes, surges and electromagnetic interference put the complex point heating system at risk. A special lightning protection concept forms the basis for comprehensive protection.


The benefits for you of a DEHN solution to protect point heaters:

  • All aspects of external lightning protection, earthing and surge protection are considered holistically and at a cost which is economically justifiable
  • Cost-intensive disturbances and downtime - as a result of lightning and surges - are reduced
  • The lightning protection zone concept is drawn up individually for your system and considers special conditions and requirements on site
Weichenheizungen A - DEHNventil M TT 2P 255 FM B - DEHNguard M TT 2P 275 FM C - BLITZDUCTOR XT D - DEHNpatch M CLE RJ45B 48 E - Earthing and equipotential bonding

Protection of direct current railway systems

Safely on the way even during storms

The constant growth of urban centres worldwide necessitates further expansion of local public transport. Direct current urban and underground railway systems are becoming more important and being extended.

In thunderstorms, platforms, stops and stations provide shelter for commuters and other travellers. Earthing shelters is particularly important. If a lightning flash finds its way to earth in this area, there may be increased step voltage with fatal consequences. Similarly, in the event of certain faults like, e.g., when an overhead contact line breaks, impermissibly high touch voltage may occur and put people at risk.

The benefits for you of a DEHN solution to protect direct current railway systems:

  • Special earthing components to protect against life-threatening step and touch voltage
  • Voltage-limiting device (VLD-F) SDS - to prevent the occurrence of dangerous overvoltages between the insulated tracks of electric railways and the earthed system parts
  • Personal protection is the top priority: Precise protection concepts which make platforms, shelters and stations a safe place for commuters and other travellers to be, even in thunderstorms
Gleichstrobahn A - DEHNtrack B - DEHNventil M TT 255 FM C - BLITZDUCTOR XT D - SDS voltage limiting device and mast adapter E - Grid mat GMA 250 2000x1000x4 V4A

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Safety equipment and live working

DEHN’s safety equipment portfolio comprises safety devices and personal protective equipment for working according to the five safety rules in the area of electrified tracks and associated railway buildings.

Always the right solution for your safety devices

  • on overhead contact wires
  • in substations
  • in indoor installations
  • for direct current railway systems
  • for DC or AC applications
  • for frequencies of 50 or 16.7 Hz

Whether voltage detectors, telescopic earthing sticks for the traction system earthing, or earthing and short-circuiting devices: all the products have been tried and tested and, for the most part, approved by the Deutsche Bahn with material and drawing numbers.

More about products and services in the area of safety equipment and live working:

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