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Dead working according to the Five Safety Rules

Dead working in and on electrical installations can be life threatening. To prevent electrical accidents, please observe the following five safety rules of the German standard series EN 50110-1.

The five safety rules at a glance

1. Disconnect completely

Meaning that the electrical installation must be disconnected from live parts on all poles.

2. Secure against re-connection

Reliably prevent the accidental re-connection of an installation where work is in progress.

This is achieved by replacing turned off fuses in the low-voltage system with lock-out devices.

3. Verify that the installation is dead

Is the installation really dead now? Use suitable measuring / test equipment, such as a voltage detector, to verify the absence of operating voltage on all poles of the electrical installation. Check the correct function of the voltage detector prior to use.

4. Carry out earthing and short-circuiting

If the installation is dead, connect the cables and the earthing system with short-circuit-proof earthing and short-circuiting devices.

Important: The relevant parts must be earthed before they are short-circuited!

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5. Provide protection against adjacent live parts

According to the five safety rules, adjacent parts are parts located in the vicinity zone.

If parts of an electrical installation in the vicinity zone of the work location cannot be disconnected, additional precautions must be taken before work starts. In this case, use insulating protective shutters or covering material as protection against accidental contact.

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