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DEHN protects cell sites

Compact knowledge for installers

Fast mobile network – everywhere

Mobile radio networks are also affected by increasing digitalisation and demands for more, faster. Rapid network expansion constantly requires new radio masts and more rooftop cell sites.

Of course, the sooner new systems are up and running, the better. This requires careful planning and practical products for speedy implementation.

Practical solutions - Competent support


Planning often takes time and involves a lot of research. Simplify this phase by outsourcing the planning of lightning and surge protection. With DEHNconcept you receive the complete project plan including 3D drawings and documentation.

If you prefer to do your own planning and question crop up in the process, the DEHN Support team will be happy to help you.



During implementation, you benefit immensely from well-conceived, tried and tested products. This ensures quick and easy installation.

With DEHNpatch outdoor, for example, the cables are pre-wired and the screws are secured in the lid so they can't fall out. The OVP box is also installer friendly thanks to a lid with fall prevention.



Due to their exposed location, cell sites are particularly prone to lightning strikes.

Protect people on the premises and optimise the availability of your system. With professional lightning and surge protection concepts for cell sites, radio base stations and remote radio heads.

More know-how - easier planning

Deepen your specialist knowledge. You will find practical DEHNacademy seminars throughout Germany ... or conveniently online on the DEHN e-learning platform.

Many installers lack the time to carefully plan a lightning and surge protection concept. So take advantage of the DEHNconcept planning service and have the necessary protection measures planned for you as a finished module.


The practical manual for all specialists dealing with lightning and surge protection.

Since its first edition over 30 years ago, this standard reference book has provided comprehensive knowledge of technical principles, standards and regulations. In addition, you will find project planning basics, installation examples and model solutions for a wide variety of applications.


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