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DEHN schützt Mobilfunk - DC Lösungen
DEHN protects cell sites (DC)

Protection of remote radio heads

New technologies require special protection

Today modern cell site locations rely on remote radio heads or active antenna arrays.
Active RF technology is mounted directly on the mast where, however, the risk of lightning strikes is particularly high. This means that lightning and surge protection measures are particularly important here.


Reliable protection means higher availability

Reduce the risk of surges injected on lines

Surges may be injected if the supply lines are laid parallel to the mast. The same applies to the antenna cables. In order to reduce these injections to a harmless level, suitable lightning and surge protective devices are installed at the output of the base station and at the amplifier near the antenna.

  • DEHNsecure protects cell sites
  • DEHN schützt den Remote Radio Head

DEHNsecure modular particularly for 48V DC

Protect your system with DEHNsecure. This modular arrester is specially designed and tested for the high operating currents of the 48V DC supply.

The vibration-proof module locking system fixes the protection module to the base part. It withstands vibrations and the enormous mechanical loads resulting from discharges.

Good to know: The protection module can be replaced without tools - simply by pressing the module release button. This means that the module can be safely replaced during operation without disconnecting the power supply.

Protection concept for remote radio heads

Überspannungsschutz-Konzept für den Remote Radio Head A - OVP B - DEHNsecure

A - Overvoltage Protection Box

System solution

Weather-resistant installation of lightning current arresters for protecting the active components (e.g. remote radio heads, active antenna arrays or radio relay systems).

A - DEHNsecure modular

Single solution

Two-pole modular, coordinated lightning current arrester to protect remote radio heads 48 V DC.

B - DEHNsecure modular

Protection for DC applications - Single-pole

Coordinated modular single-pole lightning current arrester for DC applications for protecting the power supply of remote radio heads.


Easier planning

With this compact reference book, you have all the information you need on lightning and surge protection at your fingertips.
It contains detailed, practical solutions for a wide variety of applications.

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