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DEHNcord - Überspannungsschutz auf kleinstem Raum
DEHN protects in the smallest of spaces

DEHNcord 3P protects wall boxes

Electric vehicles should always be available and charging equipment is supposed to function perfectly. Modern mobility demands it. Here, it is important to take the danger presented by surges seriously. They can paralyse the entire charging system and damage any vehicles connected.
A far cry from the ideal of carefree mobility.

This is why surge protection is so important. The standard now also envisages surge protection for charging systems.


Reliable protection for the wall box

In this video you will receive more information regarding surge protection for the charging infrastructure in a single-family house.

Compact for many applications

The real challenge is installing surge protective devices in switchgear cabinets which are often very small. This is not just true for wall boxes, but for many other applications, too.

Limited space often makes installation difficult. In many cases, one even needs an additional cabinet, which increases costs and ruins the overall appearance of the building.

This is exactly where DEHNcord 3P comes into its own. This compact type 2 and type 3 surge arrester meets all relevant standards and offers reliable protection.

Optimum use of confined spaces

In addition to DIN rail mounting, this arrester can be mounted in a range of positions on the wall: upright, horizontally and at various angles. This is down to the differently positioned screw lugs. As a result, optimal use is made of even the smallest gaps.

Simple and flexible mounting

The push-in technique is especially practical during installation. It makes it quick and easy to connect this arrester - in parallel or in series.

Always up to date with the remote signalling contact

A special feature for an arrester of this size is the remote signalling contact. It transmits the status of the arrester directly to the control unit in the smart home, to the control centre of the utility company or by coupling with an optical signal.

Small, flexible, versatile

DEHNcord 3P is always the right arrester even for retrofitting and can be used universally in TT and TN systems thanks to the 3+1 configuration.

1 Insulation measurement up to 500 V DC while connected
For a quick, uncomplicated e-check


2 For TT and TN systems
Universally applicable


3 Floating remote signalling contact
Always well informed


4 Visual status indication
Easy to see from all angles


5 Push-in terminal
Max. 6mm2 for quick and toolless mounting


6 Parallel or series connection
For greater flexibility


7 DIN rail or wall mounted
Depending on the situation on site

Protection in the smallest of spaces

Sample applications

Smart poles

DEHNcord 3P schützt Smart Poles für Überspannungsschäden

Intelligent lighting, charging station, Wi-Fi hotspot, weather station, measurement of UV index and air quality ... so much is possible in smart cities. Smart poles are the key points - so they have to be reliable.

Campus networks

DEHNcord 3P schützt Campus Netze

Optimal protection of the network infrastructure, optimal protection of small cells. For a reliable radio supply in the campus network.



DEHNcord 3P schützt die Luftwärmepumpe vor Überspannungsschäden

Whether air-source heat pumps or electric cookers, confined space also makes it difficult to provide consistent surge protection for home electronics. At the same time, the devices are becoming more and more expensive, so if they break, the customer gets very annoyed.


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