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Software DEHNsupport Toolbox
Modules - Overview

Software DEHNsupport Toolbox

Make planning easier for yourself with the calculation programmes in the DEHNsupport Toolbox. The four modules help you to evaluate the potential risk for structures. You create a risk analysis and calculate required separation distances and the length of air-termination rods and earth electrodes.

You get a clearly laid out plan with the appropriate protective devices for your project.

All the modules at a glance

Basic Version Distance Edition Free Version
DEHN Risk Tool - Risk management ✔︎ ✔︎
DEHN Air Termination Tool - Calculate length of air-termination rods ✔︎ ✔︎
DEHN Earthing Tool - Calculate length of earth electrodes ✔︎ ✔︎
DEHN Distance Tool - Calculate separation distances ✔︎

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This is what you get with the software DEHNsupport Toolbox

With the 4 modules you can determine the potential risk for the building structure, create a risk analysis, calculate the length of air-termination rods, the length of earth electrodes, the separation distances ... and find the appropriate surge protective devices for your project.

Determine potential risks

With DEHN Risk Tool you determine the potential risk for the building structure and find the suitable class of LPS for your building. You assess the risk and receive

  • the class of LPS for the lightning protection system and
  • a proposal for a complete protection concept
  • including the necessary shielding measures against LEMP (Lightning Electromagnetic Pulses)

You need a risk analysis for international projects?

No problem – with the DEHN Risk Tool you plan on the basis of country-specific standards and regulations and the corresponding calculation values.

  • International - IEC 62305
  • Europa - EN 62305
  • Belgium - NBN EN 62305
  • Germany - DIN EN 62305 (VDE 0185-305)
  • France - NF EN 62305
  • Great Britain - BS EN 62305
  • Italy - CEI EN 62305 (CEI 81-10)
  • Croatia - HRN EN 62305
  • Macedonia - MKS N.B4.801
  • Austria - ÖVE/ÖNORM EN 62305
  • Poland - PN EN 62305
  • Russia - МЭК 62305-2
  • Slovakia - STN EN 62305
  • Czech Republic - ČSN EN 62305
  • Hungary - MSZ EN 62305

Note: the standards available in the DEHNsupport Toolbox are based on the standard versions Edition 1 and/or Edition 2 of the IEC 62305-2 lightning protection standard. A risk analysis in accordance with Edition 3 of IEC 62305-2 will be offered in our new DEHNrisk Web tool shortly after the release date of the new version of the standard and is not part of the DEHNsupport Toolbox (expected Q3/Q4 2024).

Calculate the length of air-termination rods

With DEHN Air-Termination Tool, you can calculate the length of air-termination rods as per IEC 62305-3.

The length of the air-termination rods is calculated for different building constellations depending on the class of LPS.

Calculate the length of earth electrodes

With DEHN Earthing Tool, you can determine the required length of earth electrodes according to the lightning protection standard IEC 62305-3.


The basis for calculation is

  • the type of earth electrode (foundation earth electrode, ring earth electrode, earth rod)
  • class of LPS
  • earth resistivity

Calculate separation distances

DEHN Distance Tool makes it easier to calculate the separation distance using nodal analysis.

Pre-defined building types are available for selection in a picture gallery. This saves you time and makes planning easier.


Download the DEHNsupport Toolbox here.


Have you got any questions? Contact us.

Team DEHNsupport

Phone: +49 9181 906 1601

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