DEHN protects LED street lighting systems
DEHN protects LEDs

Surge protection concepts for LED street lighting systems


Long-lasting LED technology means less maintenance jobs and lower costs

Street lights are currently being retrofitted by many communities and municipal utilities. Conventional luminaires are primarily replaced with LEDs. Why is this conversion taking place now? There are many reasons: funding programmes, energy efficiency, bans on certain lighting technologies and, of course, lower maintenance for LED luminaires.

Better protection for expensive technology

LED technology has many advantages. However, it also has a lower surge immunity than conventional luminaire technologies. What is more, the LED luminaires are more expensive to replace. In practice, damage analyses have revealed that surges usually damage more than one LED street light at a time.

Prevent failure

Include surge protection in your planning. Typical damage resulting from surges may be the partial or complete failure of the LED module, destruction of the LED driver, loss of brightness or failure of the entire control electronics.
Even if the LED luminaire continues to function, surges usually have a negative influence on its service life.

Avoid unnecessary maintenance jobs and safeguard availability with an effective bespoke surge protection concept.

DEHNcord is the ideal arrester for you – you can install the IP20 version in the fuse box and the IP65 version outside it, too.

Simply get in touch with us. We will be pleased to assist you with your planning.

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DEHN Test Centre

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BY THE WAY: The test facility at the DEHN lightning current laboratory is one of the most powerful of its kind in the world.


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