DEHN protects PV systems
DEHN protects photovoltaic systems

Lightning and surge protection for PV systems

Direct lightning strikes and transient overvoltage cause damage on photovoltaic plants

Lightning strikes paralyse PV systems

Surge damage frequently results in the destruction of system parts such as modules, inverters and monitoring systems. This causes high financial loss. Replacement of a faulty inverter, new installation of the PV system, loss of revenue resulting from downtime… all these factors lead to the fact that the break-even point and thus the profit zone is reached much later.

Ensure system availability

Decide on a professional and comprehensive lightning protection system consisting of

  • External lightning protection including an air-termination and down conductor system
  • Internal lightning protection including surge protection for lightning equipotential bonding,

thus increasing system availability and securing revenue in the long term.

Rooftop PV systems

Professional planning based on the lightning protection concept

The most commonly used PV systems are rooftop systems. They are particularly prone to damage caused by direct and indirect lightning effects due to their exposed location.

Therefore, an elaborate lightning protection system is vital.

Have a look at some practical solutions for three different application scenarios here:

  • Buildings without exernal lightning protection
  • Buildings with exernal lightning protection AND sufficient separation distance
  • Buildings without exernal lightning protection WITHOUT sufficient separation distance

Solar parks

Protection against direct lightning strikes and transient overvoltage

A lightning protection system for free field systems and solar parks has two main goals:

  • Protect the power plant area from lightning-related damage and
  • protect the modules, inverters and monitoring systems from the effects of electromagnetic impulses.

Have a look at some possible configurations here for a centralised configuration with central inverter or the distributed configuration with string inverter.

FAQ Photovoltaic

Find answers to frequently asked questions concerning lightning and surge protection for photovoltaic systems.

Electric battery storage systems

Battery storage systems store the excess energy produced by PV systems and feed it back into the grid when required. This counterbalances fluctuations and peak loads in the power supply network.

Surges, direct lightning strikes put your battery storage system at risk.

Minimise expensive maintenance and repair work. Safeguard the availability of your storage system. With a customised lightning and surge protection concept.

Arc Fault Protection

Protect employees and facilities

DEHNshort ensures active arc fault protection directly installed in the switchgear cabinet
DEHNcare® personal protective equipment (PPE) ensures passive arc fault protection.

Safety Equipment

Live work on PV systems DC

PV modules generate voltages up to 1500 V d.c. Therefore, they by far exceed the "dangerous value" of 120 V d.c. specified in the German accident prevention regulation BGV A3.

Safety first

The top priority of DEHN safety products for installation and maintenance is the safety of workers. Protect your service staff during work on rooftop systems and solar parks.


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