Press release: DEHN lightning impulse current laboratory

DEHN’s lightning impulse current laboratory is one of the most powerful of its kind anywhere in the world

DEHN’s newly designed impulse current laboratory, which is one of the most powerful of its kind anywhere in the world, was officially opened with a press symposium. The opening speech of the Management was followed by lectures on the history and possibilities of the test centre as well as numerous practical tests. The extremely high lightning currents, which may occur in the event of direct lightning strikes, are the primary source of lightning damage to structures as well as electrical devices and systems. To prove the effectiveness of protection measures, it is often necessary to perform lightning current tests on complete systems. The newly designed test laboratory generates extremely high lightning currents with a peak value up to 400 kA in the standardised 10/350 μs test wave form. This powerful test laboratory allows to test lightning protection systems for installations and systems requiring maximum protection. This once again underlines DEHN‘s competence in technology, quality, safety and reliability in the fields of lightning protection, surge protection and safety equipment.

The performance of the test laboratory has been doubled so that lightning impulse currents up to 400 kA (10/350 μs) can now be simulated. This value is twice as high as the lightning impulse current for the maximum lightning protection level (LPL I: 200 kA (10/350 μs)) described in the latest IEC 62305-1 lightning protection standard. This lightning protection standard concedes at the same time that for certain structures the maximum lightning protection level defined in the standard for protecting these structures may not be sufficient. The principles of IEC 62305 should nevertheless be used for protecting such structures. However, these protection principles must be considered individually for the relevant structure. To verify the individually developed protection concept and its effectiveness, lightning current tests with impulse currents whose amplitudes exceed 200 kA (10/350 μs) for the maximum voltage protection level (LPL I) are required. With its powerful test laboratory for simulating such extremely high lightning currents, DEHN once again underlines its leading position in the fields of lightning and surge protection. The test centre allows to develop and distribute market-oriented top-quality products and solutions based on national and international safety standards.

The test centre with five different laboratories extending over a floor space of 800 m2 is equipped with the latest devices and technologies which are essential for developing new products and practical solutions. New test methods can be developed based on the knowledge and experience gained in this process. This allows to perform comprehensive studies and to offer tests as a service. Test institutes and industrial customers already use these laboratories to test the lightning current discharge of wind turbine rotor blades with 400 kA (10/350 μs). In addition, DEHN helps customers understand normative requirements in concrete tests.

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