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December 2018

HVI – modern lightning protection for today and tomorrow

Neumarkt – Mid-December 2018: DEHN greeted over 30 lightning protection installers from all over Germany. “DEHN is already in its fourth generation and still fascinated by the phenomenon lightning, our passion. Like previous generations, we look for opportunities to meet future challenges and make the world a little bit safer through our own protection solutions and the skill of the lightning protection installers. It is our common experience in trade and industry which flows into the further development of lightning protection” said Dr Philipp Dehn in his speech on the topic: 15 years of HVI. DEHN brought its guests up to date on the development and testing of the HVI high voltage resistant insulated conductor and technical innovations and trends in the field of lightning protection. A visit to the high voltage laboratory at the Technische Hochschule Nürnberg Georg Simon Ohm rounded off the technical framework programme.

November 2018

Spark gaps in ex areas – easy installation and testing thanks to coaxial connection technology

The EXFS Coaxial Connection Box by DEHN is the ideal solution for integrating
electrically conductive parts in ex areas like, for instance, the insulating joints of
pipelines, in the lightning equipotential bonding.
This effectively protects those electrically conductive parts in ex areas which
cannot be directly interconnected against lightning induced surges.
The benefits for the user, above all, during installation, maintenance and testing
are significant. The Coaxial Connection Box is installed above the ground so that
the regular inspection of the integrated EXFS 100 can be conducted outside the
ex area. There is also no need to disconnect cables or remove insulation when
testing. What is more, mounting is simple because DEHN includes all fixtures and
assembly accessories in the scope of delivery.

October 2018

ACI technology by DEHN – Device safety redefined

Safe dimensioning makes the new DEHNguard with ACI technology (Advanced Circuit Interruption)a no-worries package for the user who saves space, time and costs. ACI technology presents a technical solution to dimensioning issues which eliminates the need to select the right back-up fuse or conductor cross-section. ACI fulfils the requirements of tomorrow today. Constant availability of electrical systems is a must. Power cuts and system failure are out of the question. Now and in the future, it is important to consider the ongoing transition in the global power supply. Renewable power generation is creating new grid parameters: Isolated grids and storage systems are changing the short-circuiting conditions. One aspect which the new ACI technology already has well under control.

August 2018

DEHN protects the railway infrastructure

Be it with lightning and surge protection for electronic and digital interlockings, for level crossings or point heaters - “DEHN protects the railway infrastructure”. With this motto, DEHN will be at InnoTrans, the leading international fair for transport technology, in Berlin from 18th to 21st September, 2018. At stand 218 in hall 11.1, DEHN will feature practical lightning and surge protection solutions with which to prevent costly downtime and operational disruptions. The experts at DEHN will provide information on individual solutions, the seminars available at the DEHNacademy and the testing services offered in the laboratories.

May 2018

DEHN at the Intersolar Europe 2018

All safe – one flash ahead of the storm

From 20 – 22 June you will find DEHN at the leading platform for the solar industry -  the Intersolar in Munich, hall A2, stand 536. Whether kilowatt or megawatt systems, DEHN protects your investments across the globe against interruptions caused by lightning currents and surges. Practical solutions show how lightning and surge protection can increase the availability of photovoltaic systems in conjunction with the network infrastructure, battery storage or electromobility.

May 2018

Compact 5-channel arrester for SAT systems

The new surge protective device DEHNgate FF5 TV is suitable for universal application in analogue and digital SAT systems. One arrester can protect analogue or digital satellite reception systems with, e.g., a quad LNB (multi-switch) plus a terrestrial antenna.

May 2018

Protective shield against high-pressure water jets – DEHNcare WJP

Personal protection takes top priority when using high pressure water jets for cleaning purposes. The right protective clothing minimises the risk of accident and injury. Beside occupational safety considerations, personal protective equipment (PPE) should be comfortable to wear and provide sufficient freedom of movement. The new DEHNcare WJP overall fulfils both requirements – safety at work and comfort. The high-pressure water jet protective overall has been tested in accordance with recognised test principles (test pressure 1,200 bar) to reliably withstand water jets of up to 1,000 bar. Moreover, the innovative lightweight material does not restrict movement and is therefore comfortable to wear.

April 2018

Surge protection that defies wind and weather

DEHNpatch outdoor is the new complete unit comprising surge protection and an enclosure for outdoor use. With IP 66 degree of protection, a universal mounting bracket (horizontal/vertical, pole or wall) and transmission class E, the new surge arrester DEHNpatch outdoor is the perfect protective device for Ethernet applications (also PoE++) in outdoor areas.

February 2018

DEHN opens a national subsidiary in the Netherlands

DEHN continues to focus on the internationalisation of sales activities. DEHN has been active in the Netherlands for decades. In January, it opened its own company DEHN NEDERLAND B.V. in Amersfoort. The aim is to intensify marketing activities and support customers when marketing on a local level.

February 2018

Thrilling Times

Due to digitalisation, networked technology is becoming more important, equipment and components more sensitive and demands in the workplace higher. Failure of sensitive, networked technology is unthinkable and often has dire consequences.
“Connected – Secure – Convenient”, the motto of this year’s Light + Building, has also been taken up by DEHN whose stand D90 in hall 8.0 at the international trade fair for light and building technology in Frankfurt/Main from 18 – 23.03.2018 will show how to cope safely and simply with any challenges to be met in the thrilling times in which we live.

January 2018

DEHN now accredited by DAkks

At the end of 2017, the DEHN Test Centre was awarded an accreditation certificate (Registration number D-PL-20356-01-00) by the Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle, DAkkS (German accreditation body). For DEHN this is further objective proof of the quality and competency of its testing.

January 2018

DEHN is committed to protecting the environment and resources

DEHN not only develops protective devices for the regenerative power generation sector, but actively promotes the use of sustainable power at its locations in Neumarkt and Mühlhausen. Solar energy and a combined heat and power plant are already used to generate electricity and provide warm water. In January, a new photovoltaic system was put into operation at the premises in Mühlhausen, producing approx. 750,000 kWh of additional electricity annually. This leads to a CO2 saving of some 350,000 kg per year. In this way, DEHN makes an important contribution towards protecting the environment and resources.

December 2017

DEHNguard® SE CI 440 FM for use in systems with higher rated voltages

The lightning and surge protection specialist DEHN + SÖHNE offers DEHNguard® SE CI WE 440 FM and DEHNguard® SE CI 440 FM surge protective devices especially for use in systems with higher rated voltages 400/690V. The requisite backup fuse is also integrated. This makes effective protection against overvoltages possible for a whole range of applications, for example, wind power and photovoltaic plants, traction and aerial railway systems and even cranes in industrial ports. Compared to conventional solutions with external backup fuses, the DEHN arresters with an integrated backup fuse save up to 60% space. The new DEHNguard® SE CI minimises the risk of failure caused by overvoltages. These surge protective devices are not only designed to meet high electrical demands, but also to withstand heavy mechanical loads. Beside being suitable for high voltages, these DEHN arresters are also resistant to vibration and shock.

October 2017

DEHN strengthens position in the Netherlands

Neumarkt, Germany - DEHN appoints Peter Teunis (42) as Managing Director for the Netherlands. With this appointment, DEHN strengthens its position in the Dutch market. In his new role, Mr Teunis will be responsible for the operational business of DEHN in the Netherlands, including relationships with new and existing clients, further improving DEHN’s relations with major Dutch stakeholders and regulatory offices, setting-up a network of value added resellers and catering to the needs of Dutch clients by providing new products, direct access to DEHN R&D capabilities and in-depth technical support.

September 2017

DEHNrecord Alert makes the maintenance of SPDs smart and simple

DEHNrecord Alert enables status reports from SPDs to be transmitted via MODBUS and, for example, relayed to a smart device. The start-up is quick and easy via the free app which allows you to receive status reports (e.g. push messages) wherever you are, reporting if all the devices are working and, if not, which devices need replacing without having to physically examine the equipment. DEHN makes the maintenance of your SPDs smart and simple.

August 2017

DEHN protects – On- and offshore

Across the globe, whether on- or offshore, DEHN protects wind turbines against disturbances resulting from lightning currents and surges and provides components and solutions relating to safety equipment. From 12 - 15 September 2017 DEHN will present novelties regarding the safety of wind turbines at booth A1.03 in hall 1 at the leading international fair for wind power in Husum. Beside surge and lightning protection, the focus will be on registering lightning events. The lightning current measuring system DEHNdetect allows the reliable detection and evaluation of lightning events. Meet the DEHN experts and find out about the solutions available for protecting wind turbines.

April 2017

DEHN at Hannover Messe 2017 - "be safe!"

You really want added value - control systems, robotics, state-of-the-art measuring technology – then you should think about safety, too. HANNOVER MESSE 2017 is characterised by Industry 4.0. Under the motto “be safe“ DEHN exhibits solutions and products to protect your modern manufacturing facilities and equipment. Visit DEHN from 24 to 28 April 2017 at the HANNOVER MESSE in hall 13, booth E85. Meet our experts and not only find out about our products, protective solutions and seminars, but also about the test services we offer in our modern test centre.

April 2017

DEHN protects electric Venetian blinds, shutters and awnings

Electrical installations have a longer life-span than most electrical appliances and should be designed with a view to the future. They should be able to function reliably over a period of decades meeting the needs of present day and future equipment. Electric Venetian blinds are time and light controlled or operated via an App - smart solutions are almost standard here, too. The new DEHNcord R 3P protects sensitive control electronics from failure due to overvoltage. The surge protective device is designed as an adapter and is simply plugged directly into the connection wire of the drive motor without the need for tools.

December 2016

Safety all along the line with the voltage detector PHE4

DEHN protects. Therefore, safety and quality with regard to electrical installations and systems is a top priority for DEHN. The new voltage detectors of the PHE4 series are further proof of this. They can be used in indoor and outdoor locations and provide reliable information in all weather conditions (rain, snow, sun).

September 2016

Optimal protection for wind turbines with DFIG

In response to the worldwide growing wind energy market, the lightning and surge protection specialist DEHN + SÖHNE offers surge protective devices specifically designed for use in wind turbines such as the new DEHNguard® DG SE H 1000 VA FM to minimise the risk of failure resulting from surges. These surge protective devices do not only have to meet high electrical requirements, they may also be exposed to high mechanical loads. Therefore, they are rated for voltages up to 1000 V and discharge currents up to 40 kA (8/20μs) and the protection modules are vibration and shock-proof.

September 2016

DEHN protects wind turbines | WindEnergy in Hamburg

DEHN offers comprehensive solutions for onshore and offshore wind turbines – from planning through individual lightning protection concepts to specific measures and products for protecting wind turbines from failure caused by lightning currents and surges. Visit DEHN, a full line provider for surge protection, lightning protection/earthing and safety equipment, at WindEnergy in Hamburg (hall B5, booth B5.324) from 27 – 30 September 2016 and find out about our comprehensive practice-oriented concepts and solutions for protecting your investment.

August 2016

DEHNclip® – Easy connection without tools

Fast – easy – lightning-current-tested – DEHNclip is a new type of connection between the foundation earth electrode and / or the functional equipotential bonding conductor. The rebar clip from DEHN + SÖHNE allows earthing materials to be easily connected to rebars within a very short time.

July 2016

Particularly trustworthy and reliable: DEHN + SÖHNE receives AEO-F certificate

DEHN + SÖHNE GmbH + Co.KG. has been accredited with “AEO-F” (Authorised Economic Operator Full) status. This internationally recognised certificate confirms that the lightning protection, surge protection and safety equipment provider is a particularly trustworthy and reliable partner in the international supply chain.

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