Protective shield against high-pressure water jets – DEHNcare WJP

Personal protection takes top priority when using high pressure water jets for cleaning purposes. The right protective clothing minimises the risk of accident and injury. Beside occupational safety considerations, personal protective equipment (PPE) should be comfortable to wear and provide sufficient freedom of movement. The new DEHNcare WJP overall fulfils both requirements – safety at work and comfort. The high-pressure water jet protective overall has been tested in accordance with recognised test principles (test pressure 1,200 bar) to reliably withstand water jets of up to 1,000 bar. Moreover, the innovative lightweight material does not restrict movement and is therefore comfortable to wear.

Together with the hood, gloves, helmet, visor, boots and ear muffs, the new DEHNcare WJP protective overall against high-pressure water jets provides safety at work for the user. Parts of the body which are particularly exposed to water jets – primarily arms and the lower leg – are guarded by additional protectors. The protective overall is certified in accordance with the test principles of the DGUV (information issued by the German Social Accident [...]Insurance) to withstand 1,000 bar (flat-jet nozzle). It was tested at 1,200 bar.

As well as being abrasion, cut and water resistant, the innovative material of the DEHNcare WJP is lightweight (for size M just 2.3 kg) and, therefore, does not restrict the user’s mobility. The lower weight of the equipment reduces the risk of back problems and thus enhances the performance of the wearer in the long term. The breathable overalls are washable and can be ordered in various sizes (S – 3XL). The zip fastenings are protected by additional press-stud plackets to reduce wear and tear and increase the service life. Press studs are preferable to traditional hook and loop fasteners because as time passes they do not get as gummed up and dirty.

The protective overall, with its newly developed material combination, offers protection when using high-pressure water jets in a wide range of applications, for example, cleaning and refurbishing concrete, cleaning public spaces, stripping paint off metal surfaces (bridges, monuments), and cleaning machinery, vehicles and industrial plants.

DEHNcare WJP is developed for prolonged use. Long-term use not only protects the individual but also makes a contribution towards environmental protection. Repeated use effectively prevents waste, such as disposable overalls, whilst also reducing costs in the long run.

With the DEHNcare WJP overall DEHN presents a product which not only satisfies work safety requirements, but also the desire for comfort.

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