DEHNventil: the original.
Half the size, all the power.

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DEHNguard MP
With push-in double terminals

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Safe working on electrical systems
Protecting employees from electrical accidents

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Safe, efficient, standard-compliant

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DEHNguard MP YPV with push-in
Protect PV systems quickly and compactly

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With our expertise in lightning protection, surge protection and safety equipment, we have paved the way for the safe operation of electrical installations since 1910, even in complex scenarios.

DEHN protects.

Always the right protection solution

So that your facility runs reliably and all systems functions safely. You will find comprehensive protection concepts and solutions here. Safe, efficient and standard-compliant.

Product highlights


DEHNrecord SD

For maximum power quality in low-voltage systems Measure power interruptions and flicker with a single device.

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The compact combined arrester protects signal circuits in measuring and control applications up to 10 A nominal current.

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DEHNpatch Class EA

Universal, space-saving combined arrester of 19 mm in width and RJ45 connection system with status indication for simple maintenance.

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Equipotential bonding bar PAS EX

Non-sparking equipotential bonding bars for zones 1/21 and 2/22 Also suitable for applications with hydrogen.



Four-legged stand, small

For air-termination rods D40, DEHNiso Combi supporting tubes and HVI supporting tubes with HVI Conductor installed inside and outside.

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DEHNcord 3P

Protects the wall box in the smallest of spaces So that charging facilities and electric vehicles are always available.

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Ril compliant: Protects signalling and control system with two signal lines in a unit which is just 6mm wide.

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Knowledge topics

DEHNplan: the lightning protection tool

Save time by planning standard-compliant external lightning protection for your project with the BIM-capable software.

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Video: Reliably protect the wall box

Surge protection for the charging infrastructure in a single-family house. Find out what matters in this video.

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LIGHTNING PROTECTION GUIDE: the standard reference work

Expert knowledge on lightning and surge protection Just one click takes you to the basics, installation notes and white papers.

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