DEHN schützt die Radio Base Station
DEHN protects cell sites

Protecting the power supply

Avoid false tripping of system fuses

The infrastructure in main and system power supplies is protected by proven combined lightning current and surge arresters.

DEHN combined arresters are characterised by a particularly high follow current extinguishing capability and follow current limiting capacity. This avoids false tripping of system fuses that would lead to the disconnection of mobile radio systems. For you, this means particularly high system availability.


Product recommendation

Universally applicable - independent of the feeding grid system

DEHNvap protects the 230/400 V power supply of cell sites.

This combined arrester is universally applicable, independently of the supplying grid system:
All DEHNvap versions reliably protect TT and TN-S systems (3+1 configuration).


Technical info

Optimum protection of terminal devices via the Wave Breaker Function

A further advantage: both DEHNvap versions have the Wave Breaker Function (WBF). Arresters with this function reduce the energy of the lightning impulse current to such an extent that downstream terminal devices remain unharmed.


For you this means:

Reliable protection of terminal devices and very high system availability thanks to excellent follow current limitation and a huge reduction of the impulse duration.

Wolfgang Buchner

Your contact

Wolfgang Buchner | Business Development Communication

Phone: +49 9181 906 1779

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