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Data Center
Lightning protection for data centres

Protection concept for external lightning protection and shielding

Reliably intercept lightning strikes and channel them into the earthing system via the down-conductor system – this is the task of the external lightning protection system.

Reliably maintain separation distances with HVI Conductors

When it comes to data centres with LPS class I, the planning engineer is faced with the challenge of placing the required number of air-termination rods at the correct separation distances. Roofs dense with mounted structures make this placement difficult.

The HVI lightning protection system offers a reliable, space-saving and simple solution. Here the conductor carrying the lightning current is wrapped in insulating material so that you can very easily maintain the necessary separation distances to other conductive building parts or electrical cables and pipelines. And no further actions are necessary.


Using parts of a building for lightning protection

Another option for minimising the separation distance is to use the building structure as a component of the lightning protection system. The shielding measures and the arising equipotential surfaces reduce the electromagnetic field and relieve electrical cables and systems.

HVI lightning protection system

Good to know:

Using the high-voltage-resistant, insulated conductors of the HVI system is a simple way to maintain separation distances.


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