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DEHN protects security systems

Protect security systems

So that security technology functions reliably

Whether fire precautions, burglary protection or emergency and escape route lighting: Electric security systems are only truly reliable if they do not fail during thunderstorms. If lighting strikes and surges destroy security systems or safety systems no longer work, lives are at risk.

Moreover, surges can cause incorrect signals and false alarms, resulting in high follow-up costs. Therefore, security systems should be integrated in a lightning and surge protection concept. Fulfilling legal and normative requirements is a must for manufacturers, planning engineers and installers.


No compromises on safety

DEHN has over 100 years of experience in the field of lightning and surge protection. Our high-quality products have been approved by leading manufacturers of hazard alarm systems. The arresters which are used, e.g. in fire alarm, burglary protection and CCTV systems, have been extensively tested in the DEHN test laboratory.

Protection concepts for lightning and surge protection, earthing and equipotential bonding are developed by DEHN experts. They are tested and practice-proven. DEHN products are VdS-certified and stand out for their high quality which is continuously being further developed.


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