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DEHNconcept Planung von Blitzschutzsystemen
Risk analysis

Risk management according to IEC/EN 62305-2

With DEHNconcept you receive a risk analysis according to IEC/EN 62305-2: Protection against lightning – Part 2: Risk management.

There are four categories:

  • Risk R1: Loss of human life
  • Risk R2: Loss of service to the public
  • Risk R3: Loss of cultural heritage
  • Risk R4: Loss of economic value

One or more risks may be relevant for a structure. This risk analysis forms the basis for an efficient and state-of-the-art lightning protection concept. The aim is to select economically feasible protection measures - optimised for the specific characteristics and purpose of the building.


Our services at a glance

  • You receive a complete protection concept - including the class of LPS of your building.
    It is also possible to get an EMC-optimised lightning protection zone concept showing which shielding measures are required against lightning electromagnetic impulses (LEMP).


Your benefit: The measures recommended here afford your system even better protection against failure.


LPS = Lightning Protection System

What next?

You want to have the lightning protection and earth-termination system planned for you as a complete module?
Write us an e-mail or give us a call and we will take a look at your project together.


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